A-cero’s Modern Concrete House: A Glimpse to Elegance and Modernity

When you become particular in house types aside from it being modern-inspired, you’d think of a narrowed down choice and that could be the so-called Modern Concrete House. There could seem to have not much differences when even when you call just call it Modern but it’s good to be specific. Since there are plenty of applauded designs from intellectual minds of home designers, we are left with a lot of options. We’d like to include another great option for inspiration for you guys today.

Sometimes, concrete houses are misconceptualized to look like a box where people in it are as if imprisoned. Well, it depends upon how it has been designed. From the landscape up to the choice of furnitures and the perfect location for a good bedroom or living room view is what matters.

Today’s featured home is situated in Madrid. At first glance, people would think that the Concrete House II as what it’s called is just something behind those walls but there’s more to that once one takes a closer look. The building has been fully constructed on the 28th of July 2010 by the A-cero Architecture. We then find out what makes this house a lot more interesting.

The House’s Exterior Views

Modern Concrete House This is the house’s front view which elegantly welcomes guests in its staircase grass ramp landscape entrance.

House Outside Landscape The photo shows the exterior side view of the house with its full landscape at large.

Exterior design A closer view of the house’s division from the outside.

Side View An overview of the house’s backyard as you’d notice the smooth and simple landscape design.

Home Entrance Notice the sprinklers that maintains the grasses and plants life in the garden. Also take a look at the way to the house’s lounge area.

Working Area Taking a walk won’t bore one since the garden has been well-done and well maintained with several trees to uplift one’s spirit.

Evening View A romantic evening view of the exterior part of the Modern Concrete House.

The House’s Interior Views

Modern Concrete House Notice the minimally designed area. Simple yet attractive with an accent of a statue by the lobby.

Living Area Take a look at the living room of the concrete house with a perfect view outside.

Living Area Closer Look The photo shows a closer look of the living room with a black and white themed furnitures.

Kitchen The kitchen projects modernity and style. Minimal yet very neat at that.

Kitchen Area The photo shows another part of the kitchen.

Dining Area A relaxing view of a part of the garden gives a more sumptuous feeling for diners. This part is an elegant dining room.

Dining Area Close Up Here goes a closer view of the furnitures in the dining area. Minimal yet well-lighted.

Bedroom After a busy day, one would need a good bedroom rest. Here goes one of the bedroom designs of the house which also gets a good view of a restful garden.

Bedroom View Since the house has a single storey, another bedroom design is shown on the photo above. Lesser space yet furnitures and stuff are neatly arranged.

Personal Living Area A part of the house where guests could also hang-out is the lounge area of the house. This could also be a good style for a private living room to be connected to the Master’s Bedroom.

Mini Bar The mini bar could be a luxurious addition to the house but one way of rewarding yourself from the strenuous day. Take a look at the intimate aura this mini bar has.

Living Area Apart from the lounge area, the living area that gives a relaxing view of the house garden, this private living and media room has been designed for the comfort of HD viewing. Still minimal in design yet elegant.

Plan The house plan leads you to answers to querries you could have in mind from looking at the photos of the interior and exterior views of the house.

The Concrete House II has been smartly designed for both elegance and comfort. Relaxation isn’t limited even when the designs from the exterior and interior parts are minimal. Another fact that we ought to know about the facade is that the roof has solar panels and also got a renewable energy system. That’s the Modern Concrete House which has been designed by the A-cero Group of Architects under its Single-Family Houses.