The Pearl: An Iconic Eco-friendly Habitat

Over the years, we have seen designers deliberately redefining architecture as a sustainable design as an answer to the worldwide call to help revitalize the decaying condition of Mother Earth. Global Warming – an environmental pandemic which has slowly creates a vast scar to the environment is slowly destroying the once stable nature-human balance causing more random calamities to date. This perennial problem however has pushed the people in the architecture and allied professions to take the challenge to make the change and take a big leap to build structures that are not only aesthetically beautiful but are also functional and sustainably habitual.

In the advent of green architecture, a green design habitat was introduced called “The Pearl”– a stunning seashell shaped two-story residence which harmonizes its design with the natural surroundings incorporated with the best passive cooling principles for optimum usage of natural ventilation. A dome-like dwelling equipped with solar panels paired with adequate rainwater storage is an impeccable eco-friendly house which offers a full habitual comfortability and a high interaction to nature. Its open layout allows a generous amount of light to warm the whole interior and lets the settlers have a good view to the surrounding landscape. The innovative introductions of incorporating sustainable energy saver solutions make this iconic structure a well-planned obra.

The structure is also designed to withstand possible earthquakes and harsh winds assuring the residents with a safety and worry free living. Let’s take a short tour on what more does this wooden arched shell-designed house has to offer.


Thick wooden curve columns extending from the spinal foundation arcades the façade fortifying the foundation of the structure. The natural wood grain property of the wood adds elegance.

Living Area

A large living space allows the residents to enjoy a relaxing day while delighting to a nice panoramic view of the natural surroundings.

Living room

Here’s another photo taken from the same spot. The solar panels installed in between every column also serve as a louver covering the interior on a sunny afternoon. The design enables to enjoy a bountiful intake of the natural light which saves the users a great amount of energy consumption and eliminates a direct hit from the sun’s heat.

Night Scene

The minimal use of lighting fixtures in the area creates an aerie feel, perfect for a romantic activity or just plainly enjoys the sereneness of the surrounding.

Front View

A nice wide patio outside the house and beside the pool can be a perfect spot to jump start your day with a nice cup of coffee and while feeding your mind with the current events published in the newspapers.

Bay Window

Here’s a projected view of the bay window from the pool side area. The panels are strategically placed where it can be exposed to the sun the longest while serving as an extended roof to better shade the inside part of the house.

Comfort Room

Flat white walls highlight the wood beams and the floor of the bathroom. The minimalist approach widens the look of the room.

the Pearl Bar

Situated near the window is a bar counter with material finishes matching the matte wall paint and the kitchen counter. This allows people to have a good view of the seascape while appreciating a glass of wine.


The two-way staircase connecting the living area to the hallway at the upper level is considered the focal point of the room. Here, the mixed-use of wood and glass elicits beauty to the space.


The contrasting color of two perpendicular walls adds more life to the room. A nice chic-designed room perfect to relax yourself from a stressful work.


Connecting to the backbone of the foundation, the positioning of the beams and curve ceiling resembles that of a giant shell. Simple and relaxing.

Pool Area

The 4-sided swimming pool serves a refreshing attraction of the house. The metal finish of the window frames matches the natural wood property of the posts and columns. Its grains positioned in horizontal and vertical manner adds life more to the area.

Designed by a French Architect David Fanchon of Solaleya, together his group conceptualized the pearl to be a smart house that is one with the nature. A well-planned structure that allows natural element to penetrate the interior of the house reducing the demand for energy. Installing advanced technologies like light emitting diodes, photovoltaic system, insulations and energy-saver appliances make this a much self-sufficient structure.