15 Modern Contemporary Homes On A Hill

Some homes are located on hilly areas or on sloping topography. Houses built on these areas are sure very challenging to work on but then, architects and engineers always find a way to design the home fitting to its location. You will be amazed to see that even steep areas can actually be used for building a home- not just an ordinary home but the kind that stands out! With the modern contemporary trend of architecture, we have gathered homes of that style that sits on hilly areas.

You are about to see different approaches on building a home on top of a hill. Some adjust the levels of the house while others make use of the steep part in more creative ways. Aside from the intelligent design of these houses, you will surely applaud the look of these homes using various material combinations. Scroll down and feast your eyes on the list below:

Temple Hills Residence

Modern Hills Residence

Schola Architecture

A house remodel designed with some cottage essence as it reinterprets its traditional post and beams. Its hilly location was utilized well.

Elemental Design, LLC

Elemental Design

Elemental Design, LLC

Look at how they worked on the stairs. You will surely agree with us that the landscaping was very well done.

Dyna – Richwood


Dyna Contracting

The garage of the house were placed at the bottom of the hill which is a good design for a house on a hill.

House in the Woods

House Woods

Johnston Architects

A contemporary home that played with colors in its interior. You can how it is located lower than the other building showing the topography of the area.

Modern House on Hill

David House on hill

David Vandervort Architects

A house set on a steep area but look at how it turned out! The exterior used materials and was designed to fit the need of the homeowner.

Modern Exterior San Francisco

Modern Exterior

Bernard Andre Photography

On the top portion of the hill is a pool- yes, we know what you were thinking! We also think this is a lovely home!

Sleepy Hollow Modern House

Sleepy Hollow Residence

House + House Architects

An awesome contemporary home with wooden exterior and lovely window designs located on a hill in San Francisco.

Mitchell Residence

Mitchell Residence House on Hill

Poss Architecture + Planning + Interior Design

The different levels of the house was due to the hilly location and you can see how wonderfully the designers worked on it.

Phinney Ridge Modern Exterior

Phinney Ridge

Logan’s Hammer Building & Renovation

Notice the sloping area on the right side that leads to the road. The design has a nice approach giving it a modern contemporary look.

Modern is Modern Again in Portola Valley

Modern is Modern Again

Mark Brand Architecture

Oversized sliding aluminum doors were used to open the house up to the wooded hillside setting of the area.

Minnetonka Residence

Minnetonka Modern House Residence

Altus Architecture + Design

Thermally broken aluminum storefront window system was used for this house. The lush green grasses around it added beauty to the exterior as it shows us the sloping area where they placed a stairs.

Modern Exterior

Modern Exterior Contemporary House

Solar Innovations

A modern cantilevered house in gray- this is one lovely dwelling in the middle of the trees!

View Residence

View Residence Modern Home

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

One side of the house is higher since it sits on the area that is steep. This house remodel is a job well done using stones, glass, steel and other materials.

Mid-Century Remodel

Mid-Century Remodel House New

2 form Architecture

Cedar with a semi-solid stain for the siding made the exterior look gorgeous! And look at how the hilly area was treated with a planter and stairs.

Madrona Modern House Residence

Madrona Residence

Lee Edwards

One part of the house on a flat plain while the other side was kind of steep. But if you focus your attention to the design of the house, you will be amazed on how lovely it is especially with the guard rails and spiral stairs that are powder coated steel in dark bronze.

So, that’s it for today’s list of home design inspirations! If you are having problems on how you can design your home because of the hilly location, take a look at the houses above and you will surely be able to get ideas on what to do with your own house. You can also consult the experts because they would know what to do with it. Sometimes, they love working on challenging locations like these! Want more home designs? How about cantilevered houses?