15 Scrumptious Turquoise Living Room Ideas

15 Scrumptious Turquoise Living Room Ideas

When we hear turquoise, we get ideas that are inspired by the beauty of the water and the sky. Sometimes, this color comes off as yummy because it also reminds kids of some bubble gum flavored cotton candy we can buy either at the mall. When we see this color, we are brought back to our childhood and makes us want to reminisce on it by actually adding this color to the palette we can use for another home improvement project – our living room!

For today, we set out to search for 15 Scrumptious Turquoise Living Room Ideas which reminds us of that feel we had when we were little and bring it back to a more modern, contemporary or even eclectic design we can use at home. These living room design we have below are some of the sample we think you would really love, take a look!

Boise Eclectic Living Room

Judith Balis

Image: http://nestinstinct.com/

The black and white striped sofa holds its own against turquoise walls, hot pink chairs, and zebra pillows! We can look at this living room all day!

Bright & Contemporary

DKOR Interiors

Image: DKOR Interiors

The details on the doors are pretty awesome, they accent this space perfectly with their cool color. It is the first thing that you will notice when you look at this picture, but it does not shout attention, something we have to always remember with accent walls.

California St. Remodel

Cardea Building

Image: Cardea Building Co.

Won’t you agree that the colors in this San Francisco living room are pretty interesting? They sort of contrast each other but complement one another at the same time. The furniture and the decor is unique from one another and each piece seems to tell a lot of story in them.

Canyons At Scenic Loop

Scenic Loop

Image: Mary Dewalt Design Group

We have three colors that play major roles in this living room; turquoise, moss green and brown. We can see them in the curtains, the pillows, the area carpet and the decors. White basically neutralizes all these colors to be able to mix perfectly.

Chic Turquoise Modern Living Room

Chic Turquiose

Image: theLENNOXX

This modern contemporary living room is one stunning sample for a turquoise space. Unique chandelier matching the square glass coffee table. The whites in this space make it chic and real pretty.

Coldspring Park Residence Living Room

Coldspring Park

Image: LDA Architecture & Interiors

The paint that goes from the walls to the bookshelves is one great move for the designers, we see regular colored shelved which complement the walls, not rarely like this. The furniture just sits there looking pretty.

Living Room

Tolcha White

Image: Tolcha

The turquoise accents in this living room are enough to look the part of a stunning space! White makes everything look clean and new, but the turquoise pillows and drapes made all the difference.

Minneapolis Contemporary Living Room

Dasher Rugs

Image: Julie Dasher Rugs

Borghese grand oval coffee table, Lily white Baroque mirror and an area rug especially made for the homeowner made this Minneapolis contemporary living room extra special. Great color combination too!

Modern Classic Living Room


Image: theLENNOXX

The Lennoxx has a great array of stunning spaces that incorporates a little bit of everything – just like this white living room with turquoise in it. The painting and the pillows look definitely looks super fine!

New York Townhouse Renovation

York Townhouse

Image: Kati Curtis Design

Nirmada transformed this space into a colorful and eclectic living room to reflect the lifestyle of a client who entertains often. Nirmada had worked with this client over the years, collecting vintage pieces, repurposing old, and adding new to create this curated look.

Ocean Living Room

Decor You

Image: Decor & You

The color of this living room not only looks yummy but because of the decors, it feels really tropical and reminds you of the beach. Wouldn’t mind waking up to this space every day.

Orange County Contemporary Living Room

Orange County

Image: Lulu Design

Great set of seating and accents! The sofa, some of the pillows and the carpet are few of the things that call us to actually want to live in this house. But all honesty, this living room is really neat!

Turquoise Damask Wallpaper

Damask Wallpaper

Image: Housetohome

The damask wallpaper for this living room is a bit bold but it completes the look of this space. It complements the walls and the furniture and it jives with the cushions and the pillows.


Satrio bajuhitam

Image: Satriobajuhitam

One look at this space and we are certain that you are in love with it already. From the walls to the area carpet – super in love with it!

Villa Redferno

Villa Redferno

Image: Scott Weston Architecture Design PL

This is quite an eclectic living room. The colors are great and the combination of furniture is refreshing too! Note the red chandelier on the background.

These 15 Scrumptious Turquoise Living Room Ideas are somewhat a reminder of how fun and memorable one particular color can make us feel and want us to recreate that warm feeling we have towards it. If you are into more turquoise fun, check out turquoise interior bathroom design ideas which one of my colleagues has created. Make more memories guys!

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  • Gavin Leitzow

    Entertaining…and I really appreciate this color(blue) it’s refreshing!

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    they all look so lovely and well designed

  • Lillian Soriano

    Vila Redferno has the perfect combination of colors and the furniture too.

  • Darniel Maguire

    I like the living room of Tolcha,it loooks stunning!

  • Alexej Baunach

    magnificent samples and it inspires me a lot…thanks!

  • Francine Lynch

    Turquoise damask Wallpaper is almost perfect but the wallpaper’s position is like hanging.

  • Alexej Baunach

    I like the CANYONS L.R..,

  • Olivia Howard

    they’re all attractive design for a comforitable living room.

  • Evan Campbell

    I thought the image of DKOR Interiors is a library w/ a sofa bed..but it’s very eye-catching!

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    I really love this site,you always amaze me of your great designs like this list.

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