20 Vibrant and Lively Kids Bedroom Designs

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There are several types of rooms and room designs to apply to your dream home. One of which is the Children’s Room to those who have kids and those who plan to have one. The style of the room would eventually depend upon your kids’ gender, personality and space in the house too. There are those who would love to have their rooms full of color, accessorized, modern or minimally designed. This type of room is also one great part in the development of a child’s growth and so we are glad to give you an idea which could be the best room design to fit for your kid and to your house type.

To add up to your inspiration, we share with you this collection of 20 Kid’s Bedroom Designs we have gathered from all around the web, magnificently done by talented designers all over the world. Not all rooms for kids are expected to be a lot colorful or not even too plain. From the furniture choices, to the paint colors, curtains or accessories, you will be able to see some updates in kids’ rooms. Have fun in checking this post out!

Bedroom for Kid

Neat Child's Bedroom Design A neat Kid’s bedroom design.

Neat Child's Bedroom Design The above photo shows another angle of the kid’s bedroom.

Designer: Nickolai Yegorov Source

Kids Bedroom

Formal Child's Bedroom Design Designer: ihab2008 The kid’s room has been designed using 3D Max 9 and VRay 1.5rc3. Source

Ian’s Bedroom

Innovative Child's Bedroom Design A 1928 Dutch colonial themed room with a cool map mural.

Innovative Child's Bedroom Design A closer look of the kid’s bed and the mural.

Designer: kbreenbo Source


Simply Nice Child's Bedroom Design A tematic child’s room with a simple touch that children will adore.

Simply Nice Child's Bedroom Design A view of the closet under the bed to maximize the space.

Designer: Gaspar Ventura Source

Shabby Chic Delight

Pretty Child's Bedroom Design The designer aimed to achieve an elegant overall effect, also a stylish combination of an old and new design.

Pretty Child's Bedroom Design Here goes another view of the charming bedroom design.

Designer: Danica Lu Chiu Source

Children’s Bedroom

Well-Lighted Child's Bedroom Design Image: tlaukkanen A poem was neatly designed on the room with the expressive lights on it. Source

Interior Design Maple Place Residences

Nice Child's Bedroom Design This kid’s bedroom is a part of a small house in a duplex.

Nice Child's Bedroom Design The house is located at the Maple Place Housing Complex in Balotesti, Romania.

Designer: Square2Design Source

Child’s Room

Well-Designed Child's Bedroom Designer: Antonio Pribytkin The designer stresses out that a children’s room is made out of memories – childhood ones to be particular. Source

Primo Bedroom for Children

Very Nice Child's Bedroom Design Designer: Antonio Pribytkin This bedroom concept is one of those designed for Filippe Grandy. Source

Primo Bedroom for Children

Minimally Designed Child's Bedroom A primo child’s bedroom that’s minimally designed.

Minimally Designed Child's Bedroom A wider view of a neat child’s bedroom.

Designer: Antonio Pribytkin Source

Kid’s Street Bedroom

Creative Child's Bedroom Design Designer: foreverlawn A street themed bedroom where artificial grass was also used. Source

Ideal Home Showhouse

Comfortable Child's Bedroom Design Designers: Colette Sylver & Susan McAdam A bedroom concept design for the Ideal Home Showhouse at the RDS in Dublin. Source


Amazing Child's Bedroom Design Designer: Armando Ferriani A cool green bedroom concept with furnitures designed personally by Armando Ferriani. Source

Volo…Green and Yellow

Neatly Designed Child's Bedroom Designer: Armando Ferriani A cute combination of green and yellow for a little girl’s bedroom. Source

VOLO…Fancy Blue

Amazing Child's Bedroom Design Designer: Armando Ferriani A little girl’s blue bedroom design. Source

VOLO…Blue and Gree

Attractive Child's Bedroom Design Designer: Armando Ferriani A blue and green concept for two kids in the room. Source

Armando Ferriani – Architect Florence

Inviting Child's Bedroom Design Designer: Armando Ferriani The child’s bedroom design shows the designer’s furnitures too. Source

Twin Bedroom

Exciting Child's Bedroom Design Designer: Armando Ferriani This bedroom concept is for Design & A.D. Golf 2011 Smart Living. Source

MWM Girl Bed

Elegant Child's Bedroom Design Designer: Armando Ferriani A Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III was used to capture this bedroom design. Source

A childish look back it could have been but it was fun, wasn’t it? Which among the designs captured the child in you? Or is there any Kids’ bedrooom Design you’d want to share with us? Feel free.