20 Pretty Girls’ Bedroom Designs

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There are a lot of designs to inspire your bedroom with. These designs would vary in theme or color, size, furnitures and would consider eventually, who the ccupant will be. Today, we have collected a couple of bedroom designs for girls to choose from or be inspired with. Others would prefer pink, some would want to make their bedrooms look simple and minimal while some girls would want theirs filled with color. Since we have different preferences and personalities, a collection of a variety of designs would help you decide what type of room you’d be comfortable with.

Female bedrooms look vibrant and light so here goes a variety of 20 Beautiful Girls’ Bedroom Designs for you to be inspired with and might even brighten your day. Click through the collection and enjoy!

Pink Bedroom

Pretty Girls' Bedroom Design

A wide view of a girl’s bedroom design.

Pretty Girls' Bedroom Design

Image: Joper David2011 Take a look at another angle that gets to lead to the study area inside the bedroom.

Elevated Bedroom

Nice Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: Mesraem Ceniza A neat girl’s bedroom design.

Simple Bedroom Daylight

Eye-Catching Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: hotarubi A simple yet very much elegant type of a female bedroom.

Her Bedroom

So Nice Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: valdo241 The design has been done in 3Dsmax and rendered in Vray.

Just Another Simple Bedroom

Extraordinary Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: sentido The design was done in 3D Studio Max 2011, rendered in Vray 1.5 and Photoshop.

Ladies Bedroom

Really Nice Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: acen This bedroom design has been done in WF-MaxDesign2009 and rendered in Vray-CS3.


Unique Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: vhychenq A recent bedroom design that has been done in 3Dsmax and rendered in Vray.

Girl’s Bedroom

Appealing Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: Meredith Heron A tangerine inspired bedroom for 2012.

Pink Classic

Classic Girl's Bedroom Design

A pink classic girl’s bedroom with a living area in it.

Classic Girl's Bedroom Design

Images: Antonio Pribytkin Another angle of the classic bedroom design.

Contemporary Bedroom

Elegant Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: mez A simple yet elegant lady’s bedroom design done through sketchup, used 3DsMax, Vray 2009, SP2 and Photoshop.

Bedroom Printed Stripes

So Awesome Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: mez The design has been smoothly done through 3DsMax, Vray and Adobe Photoshop.


Simply Inspiring Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: favaro JR. A neat bedroom design for a small spaced area.

Girl’s Bedroom

Remarkable Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: ibrhim1 Another minimalistically designed girl’s bedroom.


Really Attractive Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: Real Cork Floors Notice the cork flooring in this bedroom design.

Float Bedroom

Pretty Floral Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: TemaHome A fun-styled girl’s bedroom.


Simply Awesome Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: Meredith Heron The room design is simple with pale touches of pink.

Bedroom :: HDR

Amazing Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: Arnestad Photography A classic styled girl’s bedroom in an apartment.

Cenury City Chic

Relaxing Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: Lori Dennis A uniquely styled girl’s bedroom with a touch of simplicity and elegance.


Creative Girl's Bedroom Design

Image: Jean Huillet A girl’s bedroom design showing creative coordination of the furnitures not to mention the good view of the nature.

Bedroom Printed Stripes

Neat Modern Dining Room Design

Image: migcreative Add image caption here.

It really helps to have several options before finally getting into a decision as to what your bedroom has to look like especially that it becomes one’s sanctuary after a long day may it be in school or work. Girls have different outlooks that others even misunderstand. It isn’t always that you’re a girl that you’d want things to look pink. What you want your surroundings to look like mirrors who and what you are. Which is the prettiest Girl’s Bedroom Design you’ve come across with in this post? Let us know.