The Exceptional Views of St. Leon 10 in South Africa

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Spotted here is an amazing residential house that offers a great mountain view. This house was intently designed for a small family with 2 young sons. The said family wanted a house which can all together offer the efficient spaces for intimate family occasions or gatherings. This house is called as St Leon 10 and it is situated in the Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

Well this place is said to acknowledge the exceptional views towards the 12 Apostle Mountains, Clifton Beaches and Robben Island. The structure of its building is divided into slope with approximately 50% of its rear face below the natural ground level. As we can see, the upper portion of this house seems to be like floating over the essentially glazed south west facing the first floor. This actually lay on the height of the building relative to the adjacent ground level.

The arrangement of this house is formed in a linear approach with all the rooms are facing the sea view. Then the rear of the house offers the private area with no openings other than the glazed double volume entrance space. This has a cover with a steel framed timber screen and access off the street is through heavy timber glass. Now why don’t we explore the interiors and exteriors of this incredible St Leon 10 residence? Let’s check the images below.

St Leon 10 Exterior 1

Take a look at the volume and peaceful structure of this house facing the sea.

St Leon 10 Exterior 2

In the morning the sun can surely enter the interiors of this house because of the glass materials used for the walls.

St Leon 10 Exterior 3

On the way to the St Leon 10 House is an upward slope of the road.

St Leon 10 Entrance

Here is the main entrance of the house that will have an access from the ground level to the second floor of the house.

St Leon 10 Interior 1

You may notice that the designer carefully placed some plants inside the house that adds life to this area.

St Leon 10 Exterior 4

Here is one of the best places in this house where the clients can sit back and enjoy the free oceanic view.

St Leon 10 Pools

Let’s take a glimpse of this infinity pool with spa where you can refresh yourself from the water on this pool and the ocean in front of this house.

St Leon 10 Interior 2

Let’s see the division between the living room and kitchen on the lower level of the house.

St Leon 10 Hallway

This house also made use of the glass materials not just on the doors but also in the walls.

St Leon 10 Living Room 1

You may now see how the ladder provides the separation of the division to other parts of the house.

St Leon 10 Interior 3

The homeowners no doubt get a dose of relaxation from this swimming pool.

St Leon 10 Living Room 2

The array of lights used in this living room adds beauty to the area and give comfort to the homeowners.

St Leon 10 Pool 2

Here is the lower level of the house where the you can get a good view of the transparent walls to the swimming pool.

St Leon 10 Interior 4

The small wine bar with well arranged wines occupying a horizontal wall shelf.

St Leon 10 Sktech Plan

Here are the south and east elevations of the house.

The entrance with a double volume space directly leads to the main living wing of the house that includes two lounges, the dining room and the kitchen as well. There is a sculptural stair that leads up a triple volume space from the entrance up to the second floor and the bedroom levels. Meanwhile, the ground floor can be accessed through the same stairwell and provides a generous pool entertainment room. This also features a sunken lounge, back-lit onyx bar and wine cellar. Also this has a gym and a second guest room which are also located on the lowest level of the.

With all the amazing features and views you’ve seen above we can say that SAOTA and the Antoni Associates have smartly designed this house. The texture and forms that shows the different angles and dimensions of this house will surely wow the members of the family and their guests as well. And we are pretty sure that you we’re also amazed in exploring the great areas of this house, right?