West Lake House: A Stunning Home Renovation in Texas

A beautiful single family residence is situated in Austin, Texas. This house is nestled among the live oak trees of West Lake Hills that is why it is called the West Lake House. It is a reonovation redesigned by Specht Harpman reusing the original slab and walls as required by the local codes and regulations. But despite those restrictions, the architects were still able to come up with a lovely home design.

The new house has cantilevered volumes, ribbon windows, two roof decks, a green roof and an infinity edge pool. These features of the house were not just well designed but were also well built. The home has divisions between the inside and outside areas using glass but it was purposefully blurred so the homeowners can take advantage of the stunning natural setting. Let us take a short tour of the house through the images below:


The house is surrounded by nature- tall trees, lush green grasses and the house design was able to adopt to it.

Austin, Texas

This infinity edge pool may not be big but it is a perfect spot for the family’s enjoyment. It also added beauty to the outdoor scene of the house.

West Lake House

This C-section sofa in white is one good feature of the living room. Notice that this space is narrow and long with glass around it!


The shaggy area rug brings in a soft touch to this area. While the wall decors are fascinating accents to it.


We love how the embedded shelf was painted in two tones of blue. With the red wall decor, this dining area certainly burst with beauty!


Nothing can really beat the appeal of a white kitchen. It also looks best when gray is paired with it.

Family Room

We’d guess that this is a library and a family room in one. While the dining room shelves were in blue, this one has Vermilion colors on the wall shelves. So lovely!


This house is indeed full of colors. The master’s bedroom has turquoise walls. White furniture and accessories sure made the color pop!

Master Bedroom

Another angle of the bedroom showing a wall decor made of glass.

Teen Bedroom

This bedroom is for a girl with so pink walls and a princess canopy bed! Notice the decors in it making it appear eclectic.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom has large cabinets in it. We think it’s for their clothes. The texture of the tiles adds more depth to the look of this bathroom.


This is a smaller bathroom for the girl’s room. Check out the walls! It is in white but the tiles used were beautiful despite being simple. And take a look at the chevron shower curtain!


These artworks were placed on the wall near the stairs. They can be seen from the lower level to the upper level of the house.


You can notice how the house used glass and concrete together and the landscape was also done really well.


These trees were not hindrances to the home’s appeal. Instead, it became an asset. The house is surrounded with glass so the homeowners can see nature’s beauty outside.

West Lake House

A final look at the West Lake House- it is indeed one successful renovation!

What a lovely home! You wouldn’t expect that you will see such gems inside the house with beautiful colors. We applaud that they were not hesitant to play with colors in every room. The Specht Harpman deserve recognition for what they did to this home. We are certain that the family were more than happy with how their home turned out to be. This is one home that would make you feel relaxed each and every day of your life because aside from having a cozy interior and stunning exterior, it is around nature.