15 Adorable Contemporary Family Rooms

Family rooms could be one of the most enjoyable areas in the house since it is where the family play games, watch movies, chit chat and maybe even eat snacks. It is also a perfect spot for relaxation and family bonding. Family rooms usually have televisions or maybe even a small library so anyone can just grab a book a read. A fireplace is also another feature in a family room to add warmth in the area for improved level of comfort.

With that, a family room has to be designed well for maximum relaxation and enjoyment. In designing and decorating one, the needs and lifestyle of the family has to be considered so that it can be integrated in the design. For a home that adapts a contemporary interior, we have collated some contemporary family rooms. You can observe the use of furnishings and even colors in the spaces featured below.

Contemporary Family Room

colorful wall art

Modiani Kitchens

With gray on most areas of this family room, that colorful wall art makes a huge difference.

Custom Build Home

contemporary family rooms

Lionsgate Design

Coffered ceiling give more formality to this family room but enhanced its appeal too.


Gray black furniture

Upside Development

Gray and black furniture on wooden flooring are perfect blends. The wall shelves and decors on it gave instant contemporary touches to this family room.

Willoughby Way

Chocolate brown

Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen

Chocolate brown is love especially when paired with ivory. The fireplace below the wide screen television is a fascinating accent!

Family Room

Stoned fireplace

Ryan Group Architects

Stoned fireplace and wooden ceilings are subtle rustic elements in this room but it does remain contemporary with its sofa and wall shelves.

Orchard Family Room A

area rug

Michael Abrams Limited

Check out the patterns on the area rug, it sure is contemporary in style. Even the sofa set fitted the family room’s style.

Modern Family Room

black lounge chair

Mod & Stanley Design Inc.

A comfy black lounge chair is a perfect spot to sit and relax in this cozy family room..

Martis Camp #219

contemporary family rooms

Sage Modern

This one has the same lounge chair as the space above but this is from a different interior. Its area rug defines the space with a tiled flooring.

utopia projects

Subdued shelves

Ibrahim Radian

Subdued shelves on the walls in orange background gives off a lively feel to this space especially that the sofa is of similar shade.

Moraya Bay Residence

formal design

Grand Woodworking

This family room looks formal because of its colors and sheen.

Home In Clovelly Trails

sheepskin area rug

Becki Peckham

A contemporary space that looks eclectic in style because of the items in it like the seats and sheepskin area rug.

Northwest Hills Remodel

love seats

Laura Burton Interiors

Everything in this family room is pulled off really well from the love seats, sofa, fireplace and even its decors.


gold greens

Masonry Design Solutions Ltd

Gray is a beautiful color. An advantage of using it is that you can match it with other colors and still end up getting a lovely room like how gold and greens are seen here.

Greenbrae, CA

black elements

Urrutia Design

Black is scattered all around the room which allows us to move our gaze into the different areas of this contemporary family room.

Play/Guest House

contemporary family rooms

Chimera Interior Design

This sure is one lively space with all the colors in it especially the orange elements.

No doubt, you will conform that the above family rooms are indeed adorable and gorgeous. Each one is designed with a different approach but all of them dwell on the same style: contemporary. If you still want to see more home interiors with a contemporary design, you can take a peep at contemporary bedrooms or maybe even contemporary living rooms for its look is quite similar to family rooms.