15 Water Gardens to Add a Fresher Outdoor Touch

If you are tired of seeing hard stuff in the garden like stones, huge jars, and patios, there is a way to add a softer touch to it. You can place some water features like fountains; but you can also choose to create a water garden.

Water gardens are good no matter how big or how small your area is.

We will be showing you various water garden designs today. They come in different themes from modern to traditional ones. There are also large gardens but there are also small ones.

Scroll down and have a glimpse of water gardens that will add a fresher touch to one’s outdoor area.

Asian Influenced Garden

outdoor water gardens


The small concrete pagodas in this water garden completed its Asian look. The rushing water gives life to this once boring space.


small yard

BMF Builders

A small yard can still look great with this kind of feature. This goes to show that a water garden for a small area is not impossible at all.




The existing body of water was made more beautiful with the addition of plants around it.


pool spillway

Dana Landscaping

This is actually a spillway for a pool connecting the water garden to the pool. Such a fantastic ambiance!

Garden Seat

seating area


The water in this garden may be static but the accompanying surrounding makes all the difference. A seating area was even added that allows anyone to take a better look at the beautiful garden.


minimal design

In an attempt to create a water garden, the designers opted to add this water feature due the minimal space available. But this was a successful design since it created an amazing impact.

BG Garden of Serenity

spacious garden

Eirian Stock

A spacious garden gives one more freedom to play with the plants just like the one you see above. A wooden bridge was added to cross the flowing water.

Sydney in Bloom 2005

modern garden

Check this beautiful modern garden! Aside from the waters on the flooring, the glass table also has water coming from it. No wonder this design from Rolling Stone Landscapes is award winning.

White Garden

outdoor water gardens


Aside from the outdoor fireplace, the water feature with flowing waters at the other side sure added appeal and life to this outdoor scene.

wooden pavements

Rolling Stone Landscapes

Here is another modern water garden that comprised of both concrete and wooden pavements. There are also plants and fountains that made it appear so inviting.

Bamboo Garden

bamboo designs

Valeriana Solaris

A bamboo garden that is also a water garden at the same time. The use of bamboo gives this one a fresher touch.

Georgian Classic Garden

grecian shape concrete

Howard Design Studio

Grecian shape concrete that holds the water for this traditional garden. The use of plants in blue and yellow flowers added to its classic look.

Saratoga Jewelbox Custom Home

plant decors

Conrado – Home Builders

Filled with so many variations of plants and flowers, this water garden is a stunning view not just for your pictures but also when you decide to relax with nature around you.

The Wave House

concrete pavements

The features of this house is so amazing! This area shows concrete pavements arranged in a unique manner with some green grasses between them. Guess what, these pavements is like floating in water!

patio design

KBC Developments

This is a closer look at the patio. Beautiful and creative isn’t it?


outdoor water gardens

Huettl Design

Water surrounds this covered area to achieve a modern water garden and a fresh aura.

These water garden designs come in various themes but of course, it is the presence of water that made them all similar. Adding water features and creating a water garden is quite a challenge. So, if you want to have a beautiful water garden like the ones above, contact the experts. For sure, they can help you make one. But if you decide to merely pick some water feature, check on How to Choose Water Feature for your Garden