18 Modern White Kitchen Design Ideas

A white kitchen may be the number one choice of families for their kitchen color. Why not? When white is all together associated with cleanliness. Who wouldn’t want to make their kitchen look clean right?

Being the usual color for a kitchen, there are a lot of kitchen ideas out there and we will be showing you some of the best designs from our friends who majors in modular kitchen designs.

The next photos that we will be showing you are photos of white kitchen ideas you can use or bring at your very homes!

These designs are at standard dimensions so you can always order them and use them for your very homes. That is why they are called modular kitchens.

So, here are 18 Modern White Kitchen Ideas for you to admire and drool on.


white kitchen ideas

Cesar Cucine

This kitchen looks refreshing with the modern materials used with this room. Even the exhaust is not its conventional look!


White counter

Another modern kitchen from Cesar! White counter used both for cooking and cleaning and at the same time a kitchen island.


counters design

Isn’t this kitchen heavenly? From the counters, cabinets and drawers are all white – so pure and clean!


minimalist design

A minimalist design for a modern kitchen that looks really stunning!


wooden cabinets

White, whenever combined with another color, creates a beautiful aura for a room. Like for this room, brown was the combined color for white.


Huge modular cabinets

Huge modular cabinets and counter makes this room seem big enough for a large crowd in a cooking show!



Cesar Cucine

The room you are seeing seems like so close to the roof which makes you feel at home. The cabinets and the appliances sure looks cool.


whinte dining set

Alvhem Makleri

This kitchen is homey and sure is lovely! With everything clean and white, who wouldn’t love to stay in this kitchen?

Kitchen II

wooden countertop

The wooden countertop and the flooring make this place charming all at the same time.

Kitchen III

unique stools

A place like heaven where moms can enjoy cooking! Modern appliances and unique stools are used for the kitchen bar.

Kitchen IV

white dining kitchen

Alvhem Makleri

A small white kitchen that turned this apartment to look modern and charming all the way!

LG House Kitchen

modern and classy

Third Stone

White modular kitchen from LG! Black, gray and white combined to make this kitchen all modern and classy!

Millenium Tower Loft

gloss and stainless steel

Musa Design

This white kitchen looks really stunning with its all gloss and stainless steel incorporated in this design.

Moraga Residence

granite countertop

J. Weiss Design

The granite countertop for the kitchen island made this room look shiny! The cute pendant lights gives glow to this room!


classic Pininfarina Design

This is one kitchen we are sure you would like to bring home with you. This modular design is classic and in trend!


white walls

Pininfarina Design

The skylights for this home make this kitchen so spacious. With the white walls and kitchen cabinets, plus the counters makes the room wider.


dark walls

Snaidero Design

The dark walls and ceiling contrasts well with the white kitchen modular system for this home.


steel and aluminum

Snaidero Design

This home is made mostly with steel and aluminum which looks great with the glossy white counters and walls. The wooden floor boards contrast well with the color of this room.

Did you love the photos we showed you? These are only a few of the best kitchen designs that we have in our files from the best designers and kitchen designs. Take note that some of the photos came from major designers that makes these designs in various colors but standard dimensions. More photos in the next articles for you guys!