16 Ideas to Achieve Creative Kitchen Art Designs

Everything around us is considered art. From the food we prepared for lunch, the arrangement of the flowers, or those cute little key chains we see in the mall. Artists, in general, treat life as one big canvass you paint on and basically think life is art. Everyone has a different say on things, from the classification of art to what is considered art form or not. But today, we have a specific kind of list for you guys.

We will be showing you a list of 16 Different Kitchen Art Designs for You. They range from wall arts to paintings that we can place in our kitchen walls or counters, from mosaic wall treatments to wall papers, as well as the kitchen furnitures themselves. Take a look at the list we have prepared and tell us what you think!

Chapel Hill Residence

Kitchen Art Designs

Ryan Duebber Architect

Duebber notes that his clients are paring down and longing for simple modern lines. They’re “creating spaces that make sense and that are based in large part on function and practicality,” he says. “They want to simplify their lives by first simplifying the way they live. In turn, this produces a modern timeless aesthetic.”

Doulton Project

blue mosaic tiles

XTC Design, Inc.

We don’t know if you would agree that having a one of a kind kitchen space like this one makes it a kitchen art in itself.


brick walls


Aside from the cute painting by the counter, we think the display area above cabinets is actually a pretty addition to this transitional kitchen space.

Menlo Park


Precision Cabinets

The painting which was accented by two Boston functional library two-arm, wall light is really pretty. It makes the blank wall seem more useful and artsy!

Philadelphia Penthouse Apartment

pop art graffiti

Ground Swell Design Group

“I love graffiti and pop art, and this mural combines the two; it’s refined graffiti,” Fierabend says. The firm does a lot of restaurant design and is used to thinking big and graphic, as well as blurring the lines between city landscapes and interiors.

Raleigh Contemporary Kitchen

large wall painting

Heather Garrett Design

We are kind of guessing that this home is owned by someone who loves ballet or dancing in general. The painting complements with the wall color and is superbly beautiful. Not to mention that the lighting was good too.

T&R Remodel

typography art

Chris Wilhite Design

This space has really nice colors, muted but eclectic. Hip but calming.


framed painting

Pedini DC

If you remember adding those posters from your fave artists in your teenage years, this is just like one of those moments. Placing a poster in your kitchen is just as cool and funky!

Art of Transition

Kitchen Art Designs

Mark Brand Architecture

The painting may be placed on the farther area of this space – but notice the drama this image creates which relates to the color and design of the entire kitchen.

Denver Eclectic Kitchen

custom wallpaper

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

In this kitchen, a custom wallpaper by Stark and a jewel-toned island are a departure from the all-white kitchen we’re used to seeing paired with white cabinets and marble countertops.

Gleuckstein Kitchen

kitchen painting

Mercury Mosaics

The homeowners liked the Klimt blend and contrasting colors but wanted a lighter version. So they customized it and decided to create a white outer bank of Bubbles to surround the river of brightly-colored Bubbles. The bright green walls and gorgeous cabinetry make this one unique and colorful kitchen.


floral wallpaper

Gallery Direct

Home Edition design team picked this Sia Aryai Harmonia IV image to complete this modern urban look. With that, we know that kitchen art does not only refer to art works or wall stickers but also to the unique furniture and decors used in one certain space.

New York Eclectic Residential

bright color designs


This little space looks like a corner area from your favorite diner. Adding tidbits of framed words like “eat” in this kitchen creates tag for a kitchen or dining area for example which is a nice move for designers and decorators alike.

Old House in Cambridge

slab wood dining table

Terrat Elms Interior Design

We love the art piece in this room. Because of all the neutrals used in this kitchen space, adding the painting by the wall was a great touch.

Shack Attack

small paintings

Sarah Phipps Design

Maybe you managed to make something old new again, as with this amazingly affordable cottage remodel. We just love this space!

Steve and Amber Frazee

Kitchen Art Designs

Angela Flournoy

The only downside to the house was the absence of a formal dining room. Luckily, a round table and four chairs fit perfectly into the far corner of the kitchen. But let us not forget to mention how the wall art by the round table make the room look and feel just perfect.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen – a superbly done list we should say. No, we’re kidding. The list above is a rather basic list as to what kitchen art that is used in random kitchen we can check online. Some are simple, while others are hard core. It always matters to your taste towards the art form and how you want to make your family and yourself feel towards that. Also, check out this list, the 15 Marvelous Mid-century Kitchen Designs and hit us with those comments! More to come with Home Design Lover!