15 Amazingly Homey Green Kitchen Designs

The color green is popularly associated with envy, prosperity, and in a more physical comparison – emerald and jade!

Moreover, color green is linked to nature – the color of the leaves of the trees, some types of fruits and even the grass. But in connecting the color green to our homes, we sort of want to achieve a calm aura. It is often said that once your eyes are tired, just direct your attention to something green to relax your eyes, and we believe it works!

Today, we will be showing you pictures of kitchen designs that looks not only calming and homey but at the same time yummy!

Most of the 15 kitchen ideas below are really located in homes. Some may be modular displays from popular manufacturers and designers. It is usually matched with wood or veneer to look like something close to the environment.

Keep in mind that these are made with standard sizes and it is just the design of the island or the drawers and cabinets that vary – all these designs are available for remake.

76 Newington Green Road

green kitchen designs


This is the kitchen in 76 Newington Green Road. Green countertop with green-tinted glass cabinets looks simple enough but really homey.

A Green Kitchen

pastel green


Don’t you just love the color of this kitchen? The tint is simple and real homey.

Barton Hills Kitchen

rectangular space

Laura Britt Design

This kitchen space may be rectangular and may lack space to really walk around but this is one space you can work and cook!


mini kitchen

Snaidero USA

This is like a mini kitchen. It is placed adjacent to the balcony.

Casey Kitchen

green floor


The only green in this room will be the floor. It totally complements the veneer cabinets on the walls.

Getting Beyond Beige

green cabinets

Dura Supreme

Don’t you feel like the cabinets are shouting at you? Dark colored wood with bright colored greens!


unique wall tile design


We love this simple kitchen design with the unique wall tile design that serves as a decor and a backsplash.

Kitchen 6

green kitchen designs

Kitchen Designs

Green apple colored backsplash and countertops make this room look edible and yummy.

LEED Gold Kitchen

olive green countertop

RD Architects

This shade of olive green countertop is indeed the center of attention for this kitchen located in Houston.

Small Kitchen



This is one example of how black goes with anything. This color combination is somewhat cool to the eyes.

Perene Kitchen

open layout


A modern kitchen with good lighting and an open layout, giving the homeowners ample place to walk around.

Urban Edge Kitchen

urban kitchen


An example of an urban kitchen with a touch of apple green furniture and countertop.

Urban Vibe

apple green

Lori Dennis

Have you noticed that most of the greens that we have in the following kitchen designs are apple green? We kind of believe this shade is yummy that is why it is a common choice.

Venice Kitchen

modern contemporary

LA Dwelling

One popular choice for a modern contemporary kitchen with impressive tile work.

Vermont Residence Kitchen

green kitchen designs

Studio III Architects

One homey kitchen we’re sure the owners cannot live without!

Did you love the kitchen ideas that we have showed you? They looked clean, calm and homey. Something we are sure everyone would like to achieve in their very own kitchen. The designers of these kitchens were pretty much involved not only with the design but also in the creation process. All the designs were loved by the owners and the people who were able to see the display. More to come in Home Design Lover.