15 Bold and Black Kitchen Designs

When we talk about kitchen, we usually imagine it white or something natural in color or in nature.

White, because of cleanliness issues and its natural feel, since in the dawn of man, there were more natural stuff to use like trees. Since everyone is preserving our trees now, more designers were able to create alternative materials to use for their kitchen design options. We have a lot of people to thank for the technology wherein modular design was invented – say you saw a kitchen design in the magazine or the internet, we can call up the designer and ask them to make one for us, or if it is not possible, then we can maybe ask someone to make one similar to it.

Today, we will be showing a couple of photos wherein the color black was used for the kitchen, very contemporary and modern, and the same time fashionably pretty and fabulous! Most of the materials used in the designs were granite, veneer, hard wood, oak, stainless steel, birch, glass and even pvc foil.

All the designs are sleek, sophisticated and clean. If you ask us, some of the designs below may even pass for a kitchen in a great house. Let us now take a tour with our Bold and Black Kitchen ideas.

High G Black

black kitchen ideas


It sure is glossy and shiny all around this Essex Kitchen. Looks like black is the new gold!

It Draw Door

draw doors


In this design, we are shown the draw doors that the kitchen cabinets have. The rose print decor on the wall sure looks lovely in this piece.

Kaori 05

black cabinet

ZG Group

The arrangement of this kitchen is surely simple, but the material used in it is lovely.

Black and White Kitchen Interior

black and white


This model from Voserna is immaculate. Black always look good with white. The gloss is amazing!

Black Kitchen

metallic backsplash tiles


The granite counter-tops with the gray walls and metallic pendant lamps contrast well with the black cabinets and drawers.

Urrutia Design

ceiling design

Urrutia Design

The ceiling gives this kitchen a feel of being in an attic. The mix of glass, granite and metal is a sure beauty in revelation.

High Gloss Black Kitchen

High Gloss Black

Kitchen Base Co.

This High Gloss Black Kitchen can actually be delivered ready assembled and installed. Customers are able to choose from a lot of handles for the cabinets and the drawers.

Kitchen Render

black kitchen ideas


Gray walls and appliance, unique pendant lamps really match the black counter-tops and the cabinets.

Kitchen Render

black countertops


The black countertops and cabinets in this kitchen surely created an amazing statement especially with the two abstract paintings on the wall.

Posh Metropolitan Kitchen

marble countertops


This kitchen is definitely a charmer. The beautifully made cabinets, the marble counter-tops, the modern fridge and the chandelier all adds up for its name : Posh Metropolitan. And by the way, did we forget to mention the wine cellar by the sink?


wood glass

Cucine Scavolini

Combining wood glass and a laquered finish made Reflex a sophisticated kitchen. The beauty and material is not compromised since great quality materials were used for this project. Cucine Scavolini did it again!


kitchen space plan

Cucine Scavolini

This is where you know it is all happening. Every part of this kitchen space is utilized. From the sink to the oven, this place will sure be loved by our moms!

Small Black Kitchen

black material


Doesn’t this interior look divine? A simple space all glamoured up by the black material used for it. The veneer cabinets adds up to the classy look this kitchen has.

Time 05

raised panel finish

ZG Group

This kitchen is made of veneer with raised panel finish for the light oak and oak tobacco for the cabinets and drawers. The combo that we have for the colors will surely be appreciated by the clients who would have this kitchen design.

Kitchen by P. Baglino

black kitchen ideas

Patrick J Baglino Jr

I don’t know about you, but doesn’t these tiled wall look lovely? It totally contrasts with the black surrounding it – the cabinets and drawers, and the ivory counter-top looks perfect.

There you have it, our 15 Wonderfully Made Black Kitchen from various designers all over the world. We sure are familiar with the materials used for them and know for a fact that kitchen is usually white, but most recently, modern kitchen designers went for black to show sophistication and class.