15 Pretty Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

The way we light our kitchen affects the functionality of the space and how we feel when we’re spending time there.

Despite this, lighting is often an afterthought in a kitchen remodeling project – the last detail after the cabinets, the appliances, the tile, and the granite countertops. So it’s no wonder that there’s often a sliver of the budget left for this critical element.

Most often than not, we need task lighting in the kitchen unlike in some other spaces in the house that we can use accent or decorative lighting. We all know that task lighting is the illumination of work spaces, like the countertops because we do the preparation there.

So, today let us go ahead and check the 15 Pretty Kitchen Ceiling Lighting below.

Beaver Creek Contemporary

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

186 Lighting Design Group

This exhibit floating ceilings, under counter lighting, cove lighting into the family room and square pinholes in the dropped wood ceiling. Decorative pendants round out the design by providing a decorative accent to the kitchen.

Calgary Kitchen


Johnson & Associates

This contemporary Calgary kitchen has wonderful pendants falling gracefully from the ceiling. Aside from complementing the ceiling and the kitchen counter, these pendants are truly stunning.

Jetties House


Chip Webster Architecture

The kitchen layout is fabulous even when it looks a bit traditional. Adding industrialized pendant lighting to this space took the design for it to becoming a higher being! Totally stunning!

Portola Valley

high-end appliances

Charles De Lisle

The kitchen was completely remodeled and outfitted with efficient high-end appliances. Backsplash tile from Heath Ceramics adds to the home’s unique color palette. DeLisle decided to choose brisk and bold colors such as Prussian blue, grass green and pink, combined with more earthy tones such as terracotta, gold and sand.

Seda Deck

exposed beam ceiling

Fairbank Construction Company

The designer said that they removed and lifted the ceiling replacing it with a gabled, exposed beam ceiling, extending it over the new deck. Installing seamless corner windows and post-less sliding doors create a light filled open space environment.

Contemporary Seaside Residence

wine refrigerator

Eleven Interiors

Speaking of showing off that wine refrigerator, another option is to place it to face out into the space adjacent to the kitchen.

Ecologia Montreal

EMF-emitting microwave


The family has more kitchen countertop space because of the absence of an EMF-emitting microwave. “There was some resistance as to understanding our decisions,” Karsenti says. “But now people who have worked on the house see the result, and they’re starting to realize that our approach makes sense.”

Modern River Living

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

Chris Nook

The glass nook above the counter is definitely stunning just like the unique lighting present in this kitchen.

Modern Traditional Lake House

glass nook

Hyrum McKay Bates Design

We love the combination of the colors in this kitchen space. The yellows complement and blend well with the whites and the blues seen here. The lighting is a bit industrial which made this traditional kitchen a bit more fun and bright.

Santa Barbara Dreaming


Tuthill Architecture

Allied cabinets did a great job in the cabinetry works for this kitchen and the furniture used for the stools are fascinating too. The lighting is a bit contemporary-industrial which completes the look for this space; a bit like a conversational piece and sure is functional.

Concord Green Home

pendant lights

Zero Energy Design

Oversize pendant lights scare a lot of people. But there is no reason overhead pendant lamps have to be teeny tiny. Going oversize makes a huge impact and can really liven up an otherwise plain room.

Eagle Harbor Cabin

exotic design

Finne Architects

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, and it’s naturally stronger and harder than most other hardwoods. In this kitchen, Plyboo, an FSC-certified bamboo product, is set in a darker wood frame for an exotic look. Notice the lighting which contrasts all the colors of its surroundings and still stand out.

Green Space

lighting design

Detail Kitchens

According to the designer, these cabinets are from Plato Woodwork. All of the lighting in the Kitchen (except the ceiling fixture) is LED. The back splash panels are from Lumicore and the tops are by Cesarstone. Thermador refrigerators added to the overall sleek look of the space

Pink Glass Kitchen

pink kitchens

Mal Corboy

Here is another take on pink kitchens from Mal Corboy. This space is definitely shouting feminine but the whites are toning it down a bit which might still work for men – we guessing on that.


Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

Nurit Geffen-Batim Studio

This is an arrangement seen more frequently in modern and contemporary kitchens. It’s possible that your cabinet company may offer a single-oven tall cabinet. And did you notice the single balloon pendant light? Definitely stunning.

We also got a tip from an expert, Randall Whitehead, he said that you should plan on setting aside about 10 percent of your budget for lighting. Five percent of that goes toward fixtures, while the other 5 percent is for installation. This information should really be considered since lighting is as important as the chairs we buy for our kitchens! Anyways, if you want see more on lighting here on Home Design Lover, check out 15 Modern and Stylish Pendant Light Designs, and tell us what you think about the 15 Pretty Kitchen Ceiling Lighting.