15 Functional Kitchen Island with Sink

Whenever we say kitchen island, we usually picture a table fixture – like a feature in the middle of our kitchen where we prepare food or where we can basically eat after preparing the food, then and there. But when you think about it, if you have a limited space at home, putting a sink in the island can save your kitchen layout.

Of course, it depends on you if you prefer having your main sink in the middle of your kitchen or make a secondary sink which handles the preparation of the food and the other sink will be for the dishes say you don’t have a dishwasher at home. Let’s go ahead and figure out if the sink in the next 15 Functional Kitchen Island with Sink is the main sink or just a secondary one.

Organic Modern

Kitchen Island sink

May Designs

We have a nice curvy island here with a simple sink in it; recessed lighting on the upper cabinets and the open layout of this kitchen is clean and super sleek.

Riverfront Park Residence Kitchen

dark wood cabinet

Nancy Sanford

This kitchen is beautiful and sophisticated. The dark wood used for the cabinet is similar to the kitchen counter and it is paired with a light taupe/grey faux leather for the chairs.

Callicoon Center Kitchen

soapstone counters

CCS Woodworks Inc.

We love the soapstone counters which were used in this kitchen with the white cabinets. Using a darker shade of counter is usually the way to go when lighter-colored cabinets were used.

Carolina St.

functional contertop

John Lum Architecture Inc.

One major trend in kitchens today is making the kitchen island highly functional. Designers are integrating dishwashers, sinks, storage, and yes, wine refrigerators into these hardworking works and play stations.

San Francisco Kitchen

functional counter island

TRG Architects

This plan makes better use of the space within the island – it’s deep enough to merit another cabinet between the ‘kitchen side’ and the ‘bar side’.

Transitional Kitchen

dark brown backdrop

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

This kitchen is made of dark brown backdrop, glass cabinets, sophisticated style and handles on the drawers. Note the pretty pendant lighting we have above the counter.

Anderson Residence

triangle sink

RDM Architecture

The triangle is actually incredibly efficient, you can see that the fridge is directly opposite the microwave and the double ovens. It made sense to have a prep sink at the island in addition to the main sink so that multiple people could prepare meals simultaneously.


Kitchen Island sink

John Lum Architecture Inc.

The architect for this kitchen used a simple and modern style in achieving this wonderfully crafted kitchen island with a secondary sink. The white color of the cabinets and the counter is pretty too.

Fitler Square Renovation

kitchen layout


If your kitchen layout includes an island, it’s nice to put either the cooktop or sink in it to create an efficient workspace. We’re personally not a fan of having a hulking vent hood smack dab in the middle of the kitchen, so putting a sink there is preferable.

Lake Conroe Spanish

copper sinks

Jauregui Architect

We love copper sinks in Spanish-style kitchens. This hammered island sink by Native Trails perfectly complements the oil-rubbed-bronze faucet.

Modern Home In The Middle Of St. John’s

open concept

The Uncommon Law

The renovated main level is now open concept, with a central kitchen sandwiched by two living rooms. Look at how innovative the pendants above the counter are and how much it complements the space.

Not Your Aunt’s Country Kitchen

island cabinet

Insignia Inspirations

Perimeter and island cabinet color – such an amazing space! The color palette reminds us of the kitchen that our granny’s have. This is definitely not your Aunt’s country kitchen.

Mulberry Renovation


Weedman Design Partners

This renovation is super perfect for this home. The cabinets look extra pretty because of the color and note the stunning flooring used for this space. The counter is simple but sure is functional.

Severn River Residence

multiple sinks

Good Architecture

This is a nice configuration of multiple sinks. Several sous-chefs can assist the cook all around the great big island, using the sinks as needed and sharing in the fun of cooking together.


Kitchen Island sink

John Lum Architecture Inc.

With so many options on the market, it may be somewhat tricky to choose lighting for your home. Look for lighting with a design that’s easy on the eyes rather than boxy pendants or ornate chandeliers. So much for that, we were merely emphasizing the sink below the pendant.

We heard a few people do not really prefer a sink in the island because of the evident dirty dishes, but let us look at it this way, it’s sort of a training ground for you and your family not to leave dirty dishes in the sink. For mothers out there, this is actually a great move to manipulate the family to maintain cleanliness. But of course, that being said, there is always a design that is ideal for each person or for each family, it all just depend on the need and the situation. We hope that the 15 Functional Kitchen Island with Sink and the 20 Astounding Grey Kitchen Designs will help you with some planning and inspiration.