20 Astounding Grey Kitchen Designs

When a kitchen is painted black, white or grey – it usually indicates or shows sleekness, sophistication and class. For homeowners who prefer contemporary to modern design, these colors are favorite choices!

Adding bits of color especially in the kitchen is kind of cool too. But today, we will be showing you 20 Astounding Grey Kitchen Designs that will give us a touch of warmth which is definitely essential in terms designing and even planning spaces.

Grey is an understated color but as we have said above, it is definitely sophisticated.

The main goal of each designer for the next photos is to make sure that using the color grey to paint the each space will not create a cold and sterile-looking kitchen. Who would want that right? But adding tidbits of color or unique material in the kitchen that can bring a doze of warmth and character creates a rich space everyone ought to love. Here we go.

Beechwood Manor

Grey Kitchen Designs

Alexander James Interior Design

We like the design touches which are charcoal, white and silver/nickel. Also, the mirror backsplash is awesome! Not to mention the big glass doors.


glass backsplash

Peter A. Sellar

Notice the glass backsplash that contrast well with the cabinets and the stunning bar stools that complement the kitchen bar. These are the few things that remind us how much everything in this kitchen works with each other.


light-colored wooden floors

McGonical Signature Homes

The light-colored wooden floors complement with the white cabinets, grey walls and unique furnishings and lighting fixtures.

Caudhill Lane

pedestal barstools

Webber + Studio

Here is an example of a designer who is not so into chair legs; not only did this person opt for the entire Saarinen dining set, but also for pedestal barstools. They also went for a PH 5 pendant that stunned a lot of people.

Chancellor Street Residence

grey kitchen

Sandvold Blanda

This is definitely a beautiful example for a grey kitchen although the feet on the island waste some useful space – but still, this kitchen is stunning!


soft grey mix

Mesh Architecture + Fabrication

The soft grey mix for this kitchen is soft to eyes and gives us a clean and sophisticated look. The icicle pendant lights add accent to the dainty ceiling treatment just above the kitchen bar.

Dallas Kitchen

wood texture

Jennifer Fordham

The designer chose this color to complement the Ivory Terrazzo floor as it had the same tones and wood texture to soften the kitchen because it is mostly hard surfaces. The finishes are Cubanit and Teak Quartz both by Poggenpohl.

Divine Kitchen

kitchen designer

Divine Kitchens

Something this serene and simple is not only tough to pull off, it most likely takes pockets so deep, and they reach China. Although we’re kind of good with the design stuff, we think we would hire a kitchen designer to pull this off. This is not just a kitchen, it’s an A-List star.

E. 8th Street House

monochromatic palette

Architects Clayton & Little

A cool, monochromatic palette and spare aesthetic defines interior and exterior, eschewing, at the owner’s request, any warming elements to provide a neutral backdrop for her art collection. Thus, finishes were selected to recede as well as for their longevity and low life cycle costs.

Fontana Penthouse

minimalist design

Mark English Architects

Let’s make our kitchens of a minimalist design. No carvings, no cherubs, no acanthus leaves. Just simple, straightforward and glossy surfaces.

Lucas Valley Eichler

Grey Kitchen Designs

Torbit Studio

Two shots of turquoise in this very subdued grey and white mid-century kitchen made it look homey and modern.

Lum 17 Street

barn-like ceiling

John Lum Architecture Inc.

It’s amazing how modern a home can look even with the traditional barn-like ceiling overhead. We love the play of the reclaimed wood with the concrete wall, and the way the lines from the cabinets and the beams intersect to lead the eye down the length of the room.


dark wood


The overall look is unmistakably superb and class! The mix of white and dark wood made this home a real charmer!

Miami Kitchen

bright yellow

Architectural Design Consultants, Inc.

Grey and bright yellow are a fantastic color combination. Whereas grey is cool and understated, yellow is hot and eye catching.

Modern Grey Lacquer Kitchen

clean minimal

Custom Spaces

This kitchen is definitely clean and minimal but totally charming, although it seems little cold without wood.

Nordquist Residence

John Lum

John Lum Architecture Inc.

With so many options on the market, it may be somewhat tricky to choose lighting for your home. But keep the general concept at hand and narrow down your choices. Look for lighting with a design that’s easy on the eyes rather than boxy pendants or ornate chandeliers.

Parkside Modern

matte grey

Risher Martin

If a kitchen is painted matte grey, has black counters, gloss white ceilings and wood accents – that space is really something!

River House

long narrow modern island

Ziger / Snead

Add impact to a long narrow modern island by adding clean-lined, colorful seating. These Series 7 Stools have long chrome legs which increase the visibility of the island without overpowering it.

Villa Nuevo

metallic finishes

Current Direction

This kitchen utilizes a lot of metallic finishes. The bulk of them are matte, while the stools, hardware and a few accent pieces are polished.

Warmington North

Grey Kitchen Designs

Warmington & North

With open shelving and marble backsplash, this is another beautiful example of how to treat the range hood in a contemporary kitchen.

A little bit of grey goes a long way – whether it was just a small part of your walls, or maybe the color of your cabinets or maybe your island stools, using grey as an outline or an accent will bring a soothing quality to your kitchen space without making it too serious or dark. We hoped you liked this list of 20 Astounding Grey Kitchen Designs as well as our list of 15 Warm and Grey Kitchen Cabinets. Yay or nay with grey?