Tips in Designing a Baby’s Nursery Room

Having a baby is indeed a lovely moment for parents. It is an exciting time for the family and preparations would always be a fun thing. Part of the usual things that parents prepare when having a baby is the nursery room. You would think of so many things that you want to add to the nursery room – maybe that includes every little cute thing you can think of! But of course, when we speak of designing a nursery, you wouldn’t want to crowd it with so many stuffs and you would want it to be safe for the baby. That is why we will be giving you some tips on how to design it.

Designing a nursery includes lots of important points to make sure that the room’s setup is good for the baby. So, before you even think of buying decorations, make sure that you will be able to get a good design for your nursery room. After designing, decorating will then follow. So, here are some tips in designing a nursery room for your little love.

1. Choose a good location.

Choose a good location

It would be best to have a nursery room next to your room. It should be easy to access from your room so that you can get there at once. Also, make sure the location is away from noise. See to it that it is also well-ventilated. If the room is cold, it should have an adequate heating.

2. Get the right paint.

Get the right paint

Some paint is not good for the health. Get those that are safe for your baby. You can also choose easy-clean and moisture-resistant wall paint. Aside from the type of paint, you should also look into the colors. Use colors that are calming and nurturing. It would be better to get light pastel colors than bold dashing ones.

3. Use area rugs for the floor.

Use area rugs for the floor

Wooden floors are good but your baby would need a soft area to crawl on. So, get area rugs where your baby can play on the floor by the time he or she grows up. Also, it would be better to have a soft feel under your toes when you nurse your baby. But make sure that your area rugs have rug grip products under them so they will stick to the floor.

4. Store toys and other things properly.

Store toys and other things properly

Avoid clutter because a cluttered environment won’t be good for you and the baby. So create good storage areas for your baby’s things including those for the toys. Keep toys properly for it might cause accidents like slipping on the floor. Well kept things will make it easier for you to locate things you will need for the baby.

5. Select furniture pieces.

Select furniture pieces

When selecting your furniture, look into the design if it fits the kind of interior you want. But it is more important that you consider safety and function. You would need a safe crib or cot, a comfortable chair for you, storage cabinets, changing table and other furniture that you would need. Make sure also that these are durable and of good quality.

6. Always think of safety.

Always think of safety

We have mentioned about getting a safe cot. A safe cot has correct distance for the bars that would guard your baby while inside it. It should also not have cut-outs or steps. Make sure that you will position your cot in a safe place away from lamps, wall decorations, cords, windows, heaters and other items that might fall inside it.

7. Think of a theme.

Think of a theme

When choosing a theme, you have to get an adaptable design. This means that the design of the nursery will still be used even when your baby grows into a toddler. This way, you wouldn’t need to redesign it at once. Also, choose a theme that would help in the learning and nurturing process of your baby. What babies see affects their learning too.

8. Keep it simple.

Keep it simple

There are so many lovely stuffs for a nursery room and you might be tempted to get every gorgeous thing you can see. But that shouldn’t be the case. You have to make sure that the things you buy are all child-friendly and are appropriate decorations. You really do not have to overdo it. Keep things simple so the nursery won’t look noisy and crowded.

9. Make sure its well-lighted.

Have a toolbox ready for minor fixtures

Lighting is important for a nursery room. Get lights that would illuminate the area during the night. At day time, it would be better if you use natural light. So, use layers for your window coverings. This way, you can open it during the day and have a block out shade during the night.

10. Put up decorations.

 Place furniture in right areas

This is the fun part! Now get the decorations you want to place in the nursery room and place it on areas away from the cot. But like what we said, do not overdo it. Make it simple because the simpler it looks, the healthier it appears for the baby.

Now that you have read these tips, why don’t you try designing your baby’s nursery room? But before you do that, take a look at some nursery room designs for boys and some pink nursery rooms for your little princess. You would surely get amazingly gorgeous ideas from the showcase we have. But be sure to incorporate the tips we have just given. Be back for more tips here on Home Design Lover!