Breath-taking Views in the Rothschild 1 Tower Condominium in Tel Aviv, Israel

Having a great experience of enjoying and taking the full advantage of the overlooking and breathtakingly panoramic views in the surroundings are usually important in order to feel the privacy. For the location that you choose the views may also vary. Today, we will be showing you a private residence with amazingly beautiful views.

This house is named as the Rothschild 1 Tower Condominium nestled in Tel Aviv, Israel. This house is completed in the year 2013. The homeowner’s family truly loved the ideas and elements utilized in the house. This apartment is considered as one of the best towers in Tel-Aviv overlooking a magnificent panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. Let us see more of the interiors and exteriors of this astounding house design through the images below.

Rothschild 1 Tower Condominium Chocolate brown color of the sofa creates a very warm and quite feeling for the homeowner while staying in the interior.

durable materials Trendy and durable materials seen from the sofa is very effective to assure the comfort and charm to the client.

black shelves Here’s the black shelves that maintains modern and classy look in the interior.

Exceptional lamps Exceptional lamps hanged above this dining table enhance the beauty and grace of the interior.

Traditional wooden cabinet Traditional wooden cabinet set in this area harmonized with the wooden floor and the brown carpet as well.

furniture designs Certain shapes and forms of the furniture and accessories seen in the interior surely excel in its respective functions.

modern mirror Here’s the modern mirror that stand out among the other accessories and decors in the house for its unique shape.

kitchen Smooth and flawless texture reveals in the kitchen blended with the design and texture of the wooden table in the dining space.

interior design Stunning design of the chairs in this round table emphasized the meaning of modern and charming furniture in the interior.

living space These vibrant lights perfectly blend with the modern type appliances and furniture in the living space.

home office Panoramic views can also be enjoyed and viewed from the glass walls and windows in this home office.

bedroom White bed sheets in this bedroom also highlighted the real comfort and charm in the interior.

elegance Looking closely at the corners of this bedroom, the homeowner can also keep the warm and elegance in the bedroom.

bedroom accessories Trendy fixtures and accessories are also utilized in this white and classy bathroom.

Rothschild 1 Tower Condominium Mosaic tiles in the floor and walls made this enhance the style and design of this bathroom.

The picturesque rooftops of Neve Tzedek as well as the old Jaffa in these 2,000 square feet displays as a summer house for the homeowner. Actually the house design is also intended to manifest a various a stylish house compare to the homeowner’s house in Zurich. Indeed the Lev – Gargir Architects successfully exposed a well-lighted, warm and inviting vacation house space for the client’s family. We hope that you finally learned new ideas and strategies in order to feel the privacy you long to experience in your own house.