20 Mezzanine Designs in Sloped Ceiling Homes

There are home designs that have high ceilings. This is done this way to add a more airy feel to the interior and to make it look even more spacious. But sometimes, it doesn’t feel cozy especially if the design is just open and nothing else. While others put effort into adding beautiful ceiling designs and windows, others just don’t consider this. One way to making use of the available space going up and to give the home a better look is to add a mezzanine.

Most of the time a mezzanine is being used as a loft bedroom but others also turn it into a study space and others. The design of the mezzanine would also depend on the style of the ceiling. There are homes with sloping ceiling which is either a cathedral ceiling or vaulted ceiling. We have gathered homes with sloped ceiling and mezzanines. This will give you ideas on what you can do to your own space with a design like this.

1. Laggan Church

Mezzanine Designs

Sandberg Schoffel Architects

If I am not mistaken, this is a church turned into a home and it sure looks really lovely with a contemporary design. Notice the kitchen that is right under the mezzanine.

2. Deep Eddy Residence

Glass railing

Baldridge Architects

Glass railing never fails to add beauty to a space just like this one. It looks even better with stainless and wood.

3. Thatched Barn Conversion

entertainment room

Kitchen Architecture

If the first entry was a church transformation, this one was once a barn. And yes, it has a mezzanine for an entertainment room.

4. Yorkshire

Sloped Ceiling Homes

Rational Gb

With white in and wood combined, this interior is a stunner. I like their kitchen!

5. Thistle Hill Farm

sustainable residence

Northworks Architects and Planners

This new single family sustainable residence implements today’s advanced technology within a historic farm setting. It allows natural light in and made use of the space with a mezzanine.

6. The Dairy

Exposed beams

Rendall & Wright

Exposed beams are common to homes with a mezzanine just like this one with yellow and grays.

7. The Quedjinup Interiors

irregular shape

Jodie Cooper Design

The mezzanine for this home has an irregular shape and it looks really nice too because of the furniture they used in it.

8. Neo Farmhouse

wooden elements

Sage Architecture, Inc.

Because of the surrounding agrarian architecture in this house, it used wooden elements giving it a combination of rustic and eclectic appeal.

9. Historic Wicker Park 2 Flat Conversion

metal and steel

dSPACE Studio Ltd, AIA

A house made of metal and steel has that lovely industrial look with a masculine appeal.

10. Harbor Springs Contemporary Living Room

Living Room

Rugo/ Raff Ltd. Architects

Take a look at this one where the mezzanine faces windows for more lighting.

11. Bay House

Mezzanine Designs

Gardner Mohr Architects LLC

A spacious home which seems to have everything one wants. It has bedrooms on the mezzanine area.

12. Fox Hollow Residence


2Form Architecture

You can also use this idea by placing a stairs in between leading to the mezzanine.

13. Newport Beach Ocean Front


William Guidero Planning and Design

This one is located in the bedroom and added a mezzanine into it.

14. Town of Telluride Historic

spiral stairs

TruLinea Architects Inc.

This one is bursting with luxury and sophistication with a spiral stairs for the mezzanine.

15. Winter Cabin

Sloped Ceiling Homes

Joan Heaton Architects

Another home that used spiral stairs but this is simpler than the previous one.

16. Rhode Island

curvy mezzanine

Hart Associates Architects, Inc.

A pretty curvy mezzanine was used for this one and it has glass and stainless railings.

17. Avalon House

mezzanine area

McCoubrey/Overholser, Inc.

The mezzanine area sure is a lovely spot to relax and unwind with a good view of the beach.

18. Sonoma County Residence


Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

If I am not mistaken, bedrooms are found on both sides of the mezzanine. The staircase and the railings have a simple yet beautiful design.

19. Moorestown Residence


Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors LLCe

The staircase that leads to the mezzanine doubles as a storage. Very creative design indeed.

20. Fairfield House

Mezzanine Designs

Webber + Studio, Architects

Having a design like this for the mezzanine is like adding a huge wooden sculpture into the home.

Do you have a home with high ceilings and is thinking of adding a mezzanine into it? I’m pretty sure you have thought of a design after seeing this list or maybe you have chosen one that will be perfect for your home. There are actually many uses of a mezzanine and that would depend on your needs.