Jeweled Lightings and Sophisticated Blend of Colors Expose in the Jade Ocean Penthouse

What does it take to have a luxurious house? What are the important elements that we need to consider in order to own an elegant and expensive house? Lighting system design, furniture, house building design and layout are some elements that the designers need in order to present such luxurious and elegant house that we may also consider as dream house. We always draw the best features of what our dream house would look like in our mind. We think of perfect features that will make our house stand out among the other houses in our place. Today we will share to you a house considered not just luxurious but also glamorous.

Jade Ocean Penthouse is the name of our featured house of today. This is a private residence situated in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, USA. Sophistication is one of the best word described this house. For this has jeweled lighting and a sophisticated combination of colors and textures that creates a strong dramatic display all over the interiors. Well, the client of this house requested a contemporary design that wasn’t too modern or cold which was a perfect match for our design style. Let us scroll down the page and see how the designer amazingly delivered the luxurious and elegant private residence through the images below.

Location: Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, USA

Designer: Pfuner Design

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Two-story

Unique feature: The house is designed to have a jewelled lighting and sophisticated blend of colours and textures displays the high technological furniture and fixtures that simply shows its contemporary design and exceptional combination of the warm colours and smooth and rough textures in each element found in the interiors.

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Florida home design We may see how the patterns and forms in the entrance display a very artistic and creative look. This welcomes the client’s guest to take the full advantage of the other spaces in the interior.

Pfuner Design Luxurious furniture and lighting system blends together to make this interior look so elegant and charming. The floor tiles shows its rough and smooth texture.

Jade Ocean Penthouse Grey sofa complements with the chocolate brown walls and ceiling in this living space. The LED lights installed in the ceilings also highlighted its sophisticated look.

dining Red velvet chairs match with the glassed center table and unique style lamp above it. Comfort and relaxing space is offered here.

lights Here is another round table where the exceptional and highly expensive furniture and chandelier is well-arranged.

formal dining Gorgeous style and designed dining set is perfect for this spacious dining area where the entire family members can take the full advantage of the luxurious experience.

luxury dine When the night comes the lights installed in every corner of this space underlines the sense of luxury and charm in the interior.

kitchen Take a look at how the designer selected the high technological equipment and latest appliances to make this kitchen modern. The ceramic tiles utilized here harmonized with the enchanting lights that made this more classy and lovelier.

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stairs Artistic patterns harmonized with the glassed frame in the staircase and the extraordinary chandelier hanged here.

upper level At the second level of the house, the designer maintained the brown and white theme that speaks of contemporary concept.

bedroom Here’s the master bedroom that would certainly wow the client. See how the patterns in the bed sheets perfectly match with the walls and the chandelier here.

master bedroom The designer made use of the patterns in the walls and accessories in the bedroom. Fabulous and exceptional lamps are also utilized here.

Jade Ocean Penthouse Curves and lines highlighted the creative minds and the contemporary fashion employed in this bedroom.

office Shapes and textures are carefully observed even in this neat and traditional office set in the second level of the house.

wall Traditional and modern fixture complements with the pattern used in the wall and the exquisite mirror and lamps here.

bathroom Large space accommodates the shower enclosed in glass material and the trendy fixtures and lights installed in every corner of this bathroom.

This private residence definitely displays the best features that we are searching for in a dream house. The Pfuner Design indeed successfully responded to the requests and demands of the client. As we can see the traditional background and the building’s modern appeal inspired the designer to balance the contemporary themes with the classical touches. Certainly you have picked your favorite areas of the interiors in this house. These spaces may be in your top list of designs and style that you will include in your house in the future, right?