Idunsgate Apartment: Modern Two-Story Loft Renovation in Norway

When you live in the city, you will find apartments, lofts and condominiums swarming around tall buildings because these are also tall buildings. They may look commercial outside but once you get inside, they are actually beautiful urban homes. And speaking of modern urban homes, we will feature one today called the Idunsgate Apartment located in central Oslo in Norway. This is situated at the top floor of an apartment building. The two floors were united into one space through the renovation done by Haptic Architects.

The architects did a thorough survey of the loft and were able to come up with a design that organized the levels. It introduced a spatial drama using substantial vertical sight lines. To bring in light to the apartment, there is a sunny terrace which is a good spot to take a look at the outdoor scene. The loft has a double height space in the living area. When I saw this loft, I liked the colors it used because it is relaxing yet cozy.

Haptic Architects The interior of the house have that Scandinavian feel it especially because of the white colors and wood combo.

Norway The centerpiece of the apartment is not a fireplace or a furniture but the staircase.

Idunsgate Apartment I am really digging this staircase! Instead of putting railings downwards, it was suspended from the top and it really works that way!

staircase The staircase is a modular powder coated white steel that is suspended between the joists and connects to a low storage.

kitchen Before, the kitchen was facing North. It was then moved to the common areas making it more airy and spacious.

interior design This is how the staircase looks like when viewed from above.

sunny terrace The sunny terrace is a perfect spot to relax and feel the warmth of the sun during the day. At night, you’ll get to see the beautiful city lights.

Idunsgate Apartment The bathroom used colors that made it appear bigger.

mirrors There are also mirrors too to allow light to bounce around the space.

interiors It also used a combination of wood and white just like what we saw in other areas of the house.

bathroom “The bathroom incorporated several level changes, and by using large scale 100x300cm tiles, the impression is of one that is carved out of a single block of stone,” said the architect.

Idunsgate Apartment And surely, they got that effect because of the solid appeal of the bathroom.

If I will go home to a place like this, I will surely be able to relax really well. It is nice to curl up in any space of the house because of the colors used in it. I wonder how the bedroom looks like. I wasn’t able to find photos of the bedroom but I am certain it is very comfy and relaxing. Also, I am very much sure that the owners hugged the people from Haptic Architects – with joy after seeing the outcome of their loft!