20 Amazingly Creative Staircase Designs to Make Climbing Less Boring

A staircase is important for any building may that be residential or commercial because it connects the first floor to the other levels of the house. Without this, it would be impossible for us to get the upper levels unless we have wings! But since we can’t fly, staircases are needed. We all know how a stairs look like since all of us were able to see and use one. But, just in case you didn’t know, there are also staircase designs that are different from what you see every day.

I have collated some extremely unique designs of staircases. You will be impressed of the creative minds of the designers who made them and how they managed to make each one durable and functional for use. By the time you get to the bottom of the list, you will never look at your own staircase the same way again!

1. Sensualscaping Stairs

Creative Staircase Designs

Atmos Studio

Get a seamless and deeply sensual sculptural experience with a staircase like this! It sure is flowing! I can imagine myself gliding down on this with a long gown!

2. SDM Apartment Hanging Stairs

horizontal boards

Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

The staircase is a work of art that is made up of flat, horizontal boards that curve up from the first floor to the second. Its design is really amazing!

3. Timber Stripe Staircase

stripe design


It looks like this staircase is carved from an entire trunk! But I guess it isn’t. You will think it is a slide but it is actually a staircase with a stripe design.

4. Staircase In Northampton


Philip Watts

A sculptural staircase with glass and timber details that will make you feel like walking inside a skeleton of a dinosaur!

5. Flower Petal Staircase

beautiful flower

Patrick Jouin

If the other one might give a creepy feel, this one will bring you to your garden as you treat yourself like Thumbelina, stepping on each petal of a beautiful flower!

6. Otherworldly Stairs

unique design

Vincent Dubourg

Would you dare step into this staircase? It looks like it is going to disintegrate in no time! But of course, it won’t.

7. Stacked Boxes Stairs

stacked boxes

TAF Arkitektkontor

This one is made out of stacked boxes of pine with a cut out between the ground floor and the attic. Each step is placed on an angle that will make it easy to step on.

8. Emmental Stairs

circular perforations

Biljana Jovanovic

As a focal point of the house, this staircase is indeed worth the stair. It has circular perforations on the sides let the sunlight seep through which is inspired by large windows.

9. Blood Vessel Stairs

blood vessel

DMVA Architecten

No, I never expected that even a blood vessel can is used as inspiration for a staircase design. Unique idea indeed!

10. Rainbow House Stairs



Even if you came from a busy world, your day will be full of fun when you start climbing this colorful staircase!

11. Workplace Stair Unit

Creative Staircase Designs

Studio Mieke Meijer

If you want to make the most of your staircase, then this idea would be great!

12. M Lofts

alternate tread


This alternate tread stair is spatially efficient, safe and comfortable.

13. Ribbon Staircase

thick sheet metal

HSH Architects

Using 10 mm thick sheet metal, a staircase based on the concept of a rippling ribbon graces the main living area of a house.

14. La Maison Unique Stairs

unique designs

Heatherwick Studio

It took six months to build this unique staircase that is constructed in 1/4″ hot rolled steel that weighs 55 tons. It has a magnetic property that allows it to use movable lights. The transparent balustrades are made using aerospace windscreen technology.

15. Steel Stair Mesh at Villa La Roche



This centerpiece staircase is wrapped in an irregular steel mesh.

16. Idunsgate Apartment Stairs

unique feature

Haptic Architects

A unique feature of this apartment in Norway is this staircase that is suspended between the joists and connects to a low storage.

17. Vivid Staircase

stairs design,

Hanne Fuglbjerg

With the same colors from the walls to the treads, the stairs seem to disappear.

18. Tree Stairs

beautiful metal trail

Architetture del Ferro

Your home will get that forest appeal merely by adding a staircase like this made from a beautiful metal trail that serves as a handrail.

19. Bookcase Staircase

oak stair treads

Levitate Architects

English oak stair treads and shelves are lined with books turning the staircase into a home library!

20. La Playa, Point Loma

Creative Staircase Designs

David Brandsen Construction Inc.

Beautiful stairs! This used large structural steel members hidden inside the wall, the lower landing and at the upper floor level to ensure that it is sturdy and bear any weight.

I know you were amazed with the staircase designs we featured above. They are really stunning and would give your home a centerpiece that no other dwelling have. If you have a staircase like the ones above, your neighbor’s stairs will surely look plain and boring. But aside from the ones above, I am pretty sure that there are still more creative staircase that will come!