Modern Apartment Sergipe in Brazil With a Surprising Main Entrance

If a person lives alone or if the family isn’t that big and would need to live in the city because of work, study or other reasons, an apartment could be a good choice. Apartments are actually favorite areas for people to live in urban areas. Aside from the homey feel, it would also open into a world where you are part of for your daily activities. While others think that an apartment couldn’t be like the usual house, you are wrong. It can be a cozy space to live in.

Apart from the many apartments we have showcased, you will surely be impressed of what we will show you today. The Apartamento Sergipe is designed for a young actor who lives alone. It is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil designed by Brazilian architecture firm of Felipe Hess. The apartment has a bright and spacious aura with an open and clean-cut space. There were once walls in the apartment but were taken down to unify the areas. And it has two features to boasts: a 10-meter long table and a bright yellow entrance.

The apartment has that masculine feel all over it from the furniture and in every corner of the home.

Brazil homes It has a large shelving system with various storage spaces that is just perfect for the owner.

Apartamento Sergipe But this shelving system is actually an entrance door. When closed, it looks like part of the wall.

yellow entrance area But when you open it, it reveals a yellow entrance area with square tiles neatly arranged.

door knob It doesn’t have a door knob. What it has is a number pad hidden behind one of the tiles where you will enter a PIN to get inside.

Amazing idea Amazing idea, right? This is how the entrance looks like. You will feel like you are in a James Bond movie while entering the area.

apartment design And when the door is close again, it just looks as plain as this but of course, the shelving add appeal to this part of the apartment.

furniture designs An eclectic mix of furniture is used in the house but they all have that masculine contemporary look.

natural light This area is for rehearsing plays with a few chairs and ample natural light.

long wooden table And another feature it is proud of a very long wooden table.

loft-like space It runs along one side of the loft-like space that functions as a cooking table and office desk with inlaid power plugs and dining table.

bathroom In the bathroom, you will find this long vanity space with unfinished concrete and wood.

table design The table is an amazing item as it can be used in so many ways.

work area Look at how it can be used as a work area with plugs under the table.

Apartamento Sergipe The apartment’s private areas are separated by a large white wall where you can find a master bedroom with bathroom and closet and a small toilet for visitors.

I really think the entrance door is cool! It will make you feel like you are emerging into a secret hideout. It is like a secret doorway that comes out from a shelving. Just nice idea really. The design of the entire apartment is lovely, modern and simple done by – Felipe Hess. What feature in this apartment do you like best?