Artful and Sensational Scandinavian Style of Interior NA in Russia

Another lovely apartment with an airy feel will rest before your eyes today. This apartment in Saint-Petersburg, Russia is called the Interior NA with clean lines and artful design. This two-bedroom dwelling is flooded with natural light creating a bright and airy interior. The homeowner wanted the home to have four separate rooms, a living room, kitchen, master bedroom and nursery. The interior design is done with simplicity and comfort in Scandinavian style.

Interior NA is 1,097 square foot (102 square meters) space that is situated in a building built in the late 19th century. With its high ceilings, white washed walls and flooring, large windows and tall doors, the interior looks visually large. The interior has decorations that include geometric patterns, bright accessories and colorful accessories that give a fresh ambiance to the home making it cozy and inviting. It used furnishings that are in neutral hues. The arrangements are functional with lots of storage. When you look into the interior of the apartment, everything is neatly organized with a great flow through the spaces of the home.

The interior has a Scandinavian style which made it look more spacious and stylish.

Russia home design You can see geometric patterns in the interior from the area rug to the throws.

Interior NA It has lovely decors too like vintage items and posters.

Sensational Scandinavian homes A work area is allocated in the apartment with a long desk and white comfy chairs facing the window.

Patterned flooring Patterned flooring adds a modern twist to this home. Even the mudroom is neat and stylish.

foyer The foyer has creative lighting and decors too.

house creativity Anywhere in the house, you will get a glimpse of art and creativity.

dining room The dining room has pretty accents of pastels and some creative decorations.

plants decor Note the plants on the wall! Isn’t it pretty?

glass display area Every space in the house is utilized smartly just like this glass display area where you can see the collections of the owner.

Scandinavian bedroom A Scandinavian bedroom is indeed so stunning with a bright and relaxing feel.

storage area Artistic works are seen even in the bedroom. Note the storage under the bed too.

basket hamper A corner is given some life with a series of lightbulbs, basket hamper and an artwork.

bathroom The bathroom has various patterns in black and white that turned our really gorgeous.

small bathroom This is a larger view of the small bathroom. Using different patterns for the tub and wall is indeed a great contrast to the white space.

hamper I like the design of this tall shelf with drawers as well as that hamper too.

Interior NA Seen here is the floor plan of the house so you can see how the areas are distributed.

The apartment has a great living environment with an overall sensational feel. The space is well designed that showcases beautiful room layouts, displays functional furnishings and is wonderfully cozy living environment”. The interior designed by INT2 Architecture provides plenty of amazing inspiration for anyone who is living in a small space or apartment. This goes to show that even small spaces can actually look very lovely!