Casa Aroeira in Portugal Displays an Affectionate Palette

Have you had any idea of what the word casa means? Sometimes, this word has been given out a different meaning. But actually, casa is a Spanish word which means “house”. And houses must display a perfect color combination all the time; it’s the secret of a well-designed home. Although some of us would prefer to incorporate neutral colors to the walls and ceilings, it is then enhanced by accenting some vibrant colors of fabrics, furniture and appliances to have a harmonious interior. You can always have your own taste in decorating your homes. Be inspired with what this featured house for today will offer for you.

Since this serves to be a vacation house, located in Lisbon, Portugal, it is positioned in close proximity to a seaside. And moreover, by this means its interior must be fresh, convenient and offers security. To experience a seamless sense of seaside ambience, the designer decided to make use of white shades of palette and apparent glasses for a lighter impression. All the way through the spaces provided in this house, it is adorned with blinds that have small openings which allow views to the vistas during days but at the same time maintaining the privacy for the interior. The decoration of the house that is applied from the main living spaces was also incorporated to the bedrooms and other functional spaces giving a cohesive design.

Casa Aroeira Lu Barradas This view is from the exterior of the house, this edifice shows a very clean and elegant design.

living room Those sofas got various shapes and breadth that makes it very comfortable for sitting. The entertainment space is designed with suspended box that serves as the housing of some appliances and decors.

glass walls Glass walls will always be a good idea when you want more natural light to go through your living space.

fireplace This fireplace is very modern, it always brings a dramatic effect on every living place.

lovers sofa To fully enjoy the views from the outside, this lover’s seat is a very brilliant idea. On one side of the chair it offers the view from the garden, and on the other side offers a view from the living room where you can enjoy the fireplace too.

Casa Aroeira Lu Barradas For a minimal kitchen, this is an ideal design. And the idea of palisade allows normal light from the backyard to shed.

dining table This dining room shows a very clean look because of the usage of white colors from walls to tables and chairs.

master bedroom The headboard has a very grand height and lighted with LED lights behind that make it stunning. And also the bedside tables appear to be suspended.

suspended bedside table The warm whites and the lighter shade of the wood for the flooring give a very clean look for this bedroom. The hollow spaces sited in the walls serve to be storage space which are designed as not to be detached

screen headboard Since the main door for this bedroom does not offer privacy, the designer installed a floor-to-ceiling circular screen that makes the purpose for separating the areas.

Casa Aroeira Lu Barradas Always incorporate paintings on the walls to make your room look more chic. The daybed offers a cozy and comfortable relaxation during day time.

Lu Barradas preferred that the beautification idea of this house was an integration between him and the interior designer offering a tremendous outcome of an architectural structure. The designer’s foremost objective was to identify the prospective of the space by improving the available spaces and putting other spaces into proper functional use. Everything about what a vacation house offers was simply defined by the design of this construction.