15 Dining Room Designs with a Red Touch

Who doesn’t love furniture? In the field of the arts and architecture and design, people love creating new models of furniture. Ever ready of creating a new designs complementing their style and ever dependent on the trend that is pretty much classified as the latest trend.

Red is one fabulous color that never goes out of style – a color that seems to go with any color! Today, we will be showing you 15 Dining Room Designs with a Red Touch that will definitely amaze you and make you rethink your dining room furniture and design! Have fun checking the pictures out!

DIY Upholstered Dining Room Chairs

DIY Upholstered

Sarah Greenman

This reupholstered dining room chairs sure looks pretty vintage but ultimately new! The red paint made it look more stunning!

Red Dining Room

Room 1


We like the high bar stools for this kitchen. This bar serves as a breakfast nook for this home. The color of the walls sure lit the room too!

The Upward Bound House

Upward Bound

Kelly LaPlante

Another vintage dining set in our collection for today. Pretty designed chairs matched with the grey walls.

VP Interiors 2010

VP Interiors

Valerie Pasquiou Interior Design

This wide space wherein the living and the dining areas were combined showcase a hint of reds in it. The dining set chairs and some pillows.

Dining Room Red Chairs

Red Chairs


Look at the nice pendant light that complements the refurbished table and stunning red chairs! The vintage feel to this home sure is fascinating!

Franklin Dining Room

AB Home

AB Home Interiors

Look at how old school the dining room set is. But judging by the classy decorations and the red wall, this room sure made the space glam!

French Haven

French Haven

Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc.

The pendant lights sure pops out! The red color makes it all the more pretty.

Red Dining Room Classic Design

Classic Design


This is one classic designs of dining rooms that we won’t see everday! The fabric on the chairs look stunning, so as the wall treatment made of soft red fabric.

D House Dining Room

D House

M + Charles Beach Interiors

Who will forget the woman in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? She sure made this room lighter and brighter! Well, that is aside from the red walls!

Fresh and Bold Red Dining Room

Fresh Bold

On Architecturesite

Remember the magic carpet ride from Alladin? This is definitely a whole new world!

Contemporary New York Design

New York

Marie Burgos Design

We love the color of the wall and the contemporary furniture used in this space!

Red Dining Room Modern Design

Room Modern


The modern design for this space sure makes the room look more stunning than any regular dining space. We bet that anyone would love this dining room!

Contemporary Red Dining Room

Homie Nice

Homie Nice

Classy dining set will definitely complete a pretty looking dining space. Red walls complement the white floored tiles.

Modern Red Dining Room

Marie Burgos


Red accent wall paired with white furniture and glass table looks fabulous in this modern living room!

Red Stripe Black Dining Room

Stripe Black

In Miniature

Using striped wallpapers sure gave the walls a bit of drama white adding a red area carpet made the black furniture stand out!

How did you find the 15 Dining Room Designs with a Red Touch? We sure liked looking at them and it gave us more inspiration in terms of furniture design and in using the color red as accent for walls, furniture and living room accessories. Take a look at our 15 Dining Room Paint Ideas for Your Homes and send us your thoughts!