Ultramodern Theme Revealed in Villa Sapi in Indonesia

Are you aware that functions also vary depending on the shapes or form of your house? Well, like me, you might not be aware too. Well, now we will share to you how shapes or forms made a significant influence in the functions of your house. We will explore a villa located in Lombok Island in Indonesia. This is called as the Villa Sapi.

According to the designer, the guests will surely enjoy as they discover the surprises of this villa. From its traditional style, the grass roofed building is consists of the main kitchen to an innovative home theater. I am fascinated with the designer’s signature theme color of black, red and lime green on its furnishings. While I loved the walls which are embellished with flair bamboo and water cascades that obviously highlighted the conceptual artwork. Let us be amazed of the features and functions of this Villa Sapi through the images below.

Villa Sapi The tropical season is underlined in this area where you can see a lot of coconut trees surrounded the entire villa.

Ultramodern Theme Sun’s rays graced the remarkable shape and texture of the building in this gorgeous landscape.

Indonesia homes A very accommodating space displays the fresh air and cool water in the pool as well as the oceanic views.

colorful interior design Trendy lampshades and chandeliers match perfectly with the colorful accessories and furniture in this living space.

tropical dining area We can still see the existing traditional styles in this dining space but a touch of modern furniture reveals the modern theme.

red bean bag Red seats are arranged carefully and intently in this futuristic home theatre.

spiral staircase The curve of the stairs jives with the circular shape of this bedroom.

bedroom See how this sculptures and art works play its significant role in unveiling the beauty of the comfortable bedroom.

textured wall Great comfort and style is highlighted in this area as you can see the rough texture of the walls and the foot bridge in the swimming pool.

modern exterior design Even at night the extraordinary form of this villa stands out in the middle of the astounding landscape.

guest area The installed LED lights expose the modern features of this area.

beautiful exterior design The curve and volume of this building uncover the ultramodern theme in the villa.

pool area A relaxing and stress free area captures the heart of the client because of the cool water in the pool.

big swimming pool The crucial function of these unique lights adds more attraction in this huge pool space.

Villa Sapi Serenity and tranquility is displayed in the pool area.

David Lombardi, as the designer magnificently welcomes the surprising views seen even from the bedrooms and bathrooms. With that, the guests are certainly excited to witness the ever-changing mood ambiance of the sea, sky and neighboring islands together with the distant mountains, forests and the colorful fishing boats. One of the most important features of the villa is the sunset and the moon’s reflection that seems to twinkle on the water of the pool which shows the picture of tranquility and unforgettable beauty.