Refined Features of the Interiors and Exteriors of Villa J in Sweden

There are people who would prefer to have an open plan layout in the interiors. They don’t like more walls or divisions in most important areas in the house. They wanted to have a free access to all the essential areas such as living areas, kitchen and dining space. Today we will share to you a house design that is designed for a large family in southern Sweden.

This huge residential house is named as the Villa J which is specifically located near Kämpinge, a former fishing village east of the town of Höllviken in southernmost Sweden. The house is close to the bodies of water. This has an atrium, secluded by walls and a pool house that connects the interior and exterior spaces. On its ground floor, the master bedroom and other essential social spaces such as winter garden, kitchen, sauna and etc. Let us see more of the amazing areas of this Villa J through the images below.

Villa J Geometrical volumes of the house building stand out among the tall trees and green plants in the surroundings.

Sweden house design Sustainability is one important factor in the interior design where the homeowner can minimize the usage of electricity during daytime.

dining area Modern mirrors in the wall highlighted its classy and contemporary style and design.

kitchen sink island Free access to natural lights in the morning may add comfort and charm to the dining space in the interior.

patio set Floor-to-ceiling sliding glassed door features the open layout and easy access to the outdoor areas of the house.

kitchen area Trendy and stylish fixtures in the kitchen display its modern concept and neatness as well.

living room Colorful and comfy furniture and decors in this area may conveniently show its exquisite look and design.

staircase design Lines and textures in the staircase area create a balance and harmony in the indoor areas.

bedroom Flower shaped chandelier hanged above this soft and comfy bed always ensure the relaxing treatment that the client may experience here.

bathroom Large mirror set beside this bath tub also enhance the style and design of this spacious bathroom.

patio Glassed windows and doors are enough to allow the client access the beauty of the garden and the patio area as well.

outdoor sofa set Hanging plants are secured in this area that will make this patio look lovelier.

white patio set White chairs in this wooden table in the patio also attract the guest to stay here for it offers comfortable and charming design.

deck area Lines and figures from the furniture and house building is obviously seen in the patio area.

lawn area Spacious garden and neat patio area is perfect for this rectangular swimming pool set in the garden.

Villa J LED lights installed in the entrance and exterior stressed the textures and lines in the wooden door and concrete walls of the house building.

As you can see the above images, we can see the floor plan of this house that clearly shows its attempt to combine the different room types without the bulk of unnecessary walls and doors. With the open spaces, the different important areas in the interior become more accessible. Villa J can definitely provide enough room for socializing or seclusion. The Johan Sundberg Architecture successfully illustrates the main axes of the plot, the house and the garden that works in symphony to create multiple unorthodox angles. We hope that you find this house design interesting that may help you recreate your interior’s design as well.