Urzua Cofre House: A Modern Box Habitat

Dealing with an ideal home is essential. One must have the interest to search for the best. Living in a house situated in greenery is one big advantage. That is keeping nature at its finest! Therefore, it will take you a lot of effort to find one. Having green trees and grasses within the vicinity is a blessing for the inhabitants. And also, a huge playground would be adorable for the children. Who doesn’t want to own a residence filled with the gift of nature? If you want to experience such, this is it!

Created by Raimundo Anguita, this Urzua Cofre House is located in Santiago City, Chile. The house is designed for a family of six members. It is rectangular in shape and has an extensive terrace as part of the second floor. With its up to date and enormous design, a worthy living is just around the corner for your family. And look at the widespread lawn, isn’t it amazing for the little ones? Aside from that, the colors unite with the environment in a perfect mode. You’ll surely love the idea of how it is made. If you are looking for a peaceful and healthy accommodation, take time to check this impressive and marvelous creation.

modern box house

This is the flourishing frontage that offers the stateliness of the whole structure. The swimming pool is unadorned yet its rectangular shape matches exactly as a totality. Also, the exterior left part of the house is somewhat shown here. It totally gives you an indication of how long the ground floor is. Wonderful!

 right view

Looking from afar, the upper portion is like a box. A four-sided box that is similar to a big screen in movie theatres. Isn’t it awesome?

 far front

The surrounding green trees and grasses bring a healthy lifestyle to the homeowners. If you want to go up, a solid stairway has been created at the right side for a trouble-free access to the veranda.

 living out

A living room outside is convenient for relaxation. The white wall and the creamy yellowish orange couch can give a refreshing feeling. This is the place if you want to savor fresh air.

 night pool

The illumination of the house is one major contributor to its splendor. The yellow blush inside makes it more appealing. What a fascinating sight, isn’t it?

 night lights

For a closer look, this is how the lights feature the interior design from the living room up to the kitchen. The upper gray color intermingles suitably with the firm brown wooden braces from beneath.

 might side

As you can see, the lower portion is mostly covered with glasses in brown wooden frames compared to the upper section which is made up mostly of concrete materials.

 night facade

Looking at the inside, the sets of furniture and other equipment are properly arranged and made visible by the glow. The paintings are adding up to the exquisiteness of the house.

 close right

This is the right outer view which takes us to a closer look of the in-house arrangements and radiant appearance of the house.

urzua cofre modern box house

In the evening, this is the overall facade that exposes a golden house far and wide. Undeniably, it’s like a treasure.

From the different angles and parts of the house, you can tell that this is a splendid handiwork. The shapes of the house and its other portions are expertly crafted. The various materials and equipment are fabulously utilized. And the favorable location and luxurious design are both compatible for amusement! You will surely have a great stay in this fabulous dwelling. Truly, this is one real creation by Raimundo Anguita that can give you the contentment of what mother nature can offer. Indeed, this is a revitalizing home for everyone. Thanks to the genius who made this.