Significant Functions of the Forms Used in the Urbane House in India

We can never deny the fact that many people of today enjoy much staying in an urban areas especially that their office and the shopping mall is most accessible there. Despite of the peaceful and quiet experience living in rural areas, we can still long to stay in a modern house in the city. I still understand that there are so many people who will say that they will prefer living in the rural areas where peace and beauty of the nature is much available. To be able to jive with the modern architecture, some will try to invent something in the house and place that they have.

Now I will be sharing to you a special house design in an urban area where the real comfort and peaceful space is accessible. This house is named as the Urbane House in Ahmedebad, Gujarat, India. This house also proves the importance of forms and shapes of the building to maintain its functions. Let us see how the designer made this house design connects with the beauty of the nature and use its forms to its corresponding functions.

Urbane House With this stunning landscape the extraordinary form of the house building stands out among the other houses here.

Significant Functions See the materials used in the entrance from the pathway to the ceilings and walls of the building which shows elegance.

India houses The floor-to-ceilings glazed walls and sliding door opens the opportunity to take the full advantage of the natural exquisiteness of the exterior.

living room design This huge colorful painting and the accessories set in the sofa complements with the color of the plants in the garden.

couch design Most recent and expensive furniture and accessories made this interior look more modern.

black couch set Here’s the dark brown sofa elegantly set in this living space where the client may take the full advantage of the comfortable views of the exterior.

granite dining table As you stand up in the terrace in the second level of the house you may also view the wooden dining set in the interior.

lawn area Neat and sophisticated landscape and panoramic views may be enjoyed by the client while sitting in the sofa placed in the patio.

patio area The designer placed plants in the patio area to feel the importance of nature to achieve comfortable and quiet area in the house.

bedroom The green color mattress in this bed shows the client’s passion for nature.

staircase This wooden stairs complements with the wooden floor and glazed wall in the second level of the house.

bathroom fixtures We can definitely say that the wooden and glass materials are perfect elements to have a luxurious bathroom.

garden Unique and up-to-date fixtures show modernism despite of its classy grey and wooden brown motif in this bathroom.

lawn area The LED lights vibrantly installed in each side of the trees can highlight the details of the qualities and role of these trees in the exterior.

Urbane House Here only proves how the shape and form significantly play its functions that made this house charming and exceptional.

The images above show how the designer blends nature with the contemporary shape and form of the house building. Definitely we can say that the modern form of the house helps in making it more superb and classy. The Hiren Patel Architects proves its name Urbane House for its prevailing design. I believe that the interiors complement well with the overall characteristic of the house. Artworks installed in every area of the house certainly help in breaking the monotony of the concrete frame here. I hope that this will give you another inspiring idea in case you will remodel or renovate your house.