20 Outstanding Tuscan Dining Room Decors

Tuscany is a really beautiful place and the thought of actually having a piece of that lovely place in your very own home is like a blessing and at the same time a superb way of creating a wonderful place to live in and invite relatives and friends over! Today, we have a list about dining rooms with a hint of the Tuscan love!

Creating a list about homes with a bit of decorations with a hint of rustic theme in them is a gives me great inspiration because of the interesting features always available in them. The next twenty photos that you are about to see are stunning and pretty fantastic to have at home – check them out!

1. A’ La Mer Dining Room


Barefoot Design Group, LLC

Look at the candle holders on the table made from natural materials. Also, note the large ship on the backdrop; not to mention the rustic pendants.

2. Amalfi I Model


41 West

This is a model home from 41 West. How do you like the wooden decor above the door?

3. Bethesda Renovation Dining Room


Paula Grace Designs

Paula Grace Designs created this simple home with plain walls which was added with paintings and according to the designers, the clients actually created the chairs for the dining table!

4. Big Sur Coast Ridge Estate


Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty

Breath-taking views of the incomparable Big Sur Coast, this classic Tuscan design of an Italian farmhouse, combined with a modern approach creates an ambiance of relaxed sophistication for this magnificent California Coast.

5. Chicago Dining Areas


Rahok Anson

This Chicago dining room is filled with awesome Tuscan artifacts. I personally love the dining table and chairs with its rustic finish and touches.

6. Chicago Tuscan Project


Myers Design Inc.

The finish on all the decorative molding makes it look like it has been here forever, enhancing the magic of this dining room.

7. Deco Dining Room


Coleccion Alexandra

It is no accident that the shimmering oval backs of these chairs are in peacock blue.

8. Georgian Residence


Tucker & Marks Design Inc.

The chandelier and the drapes of this dining room sure is out of this world! Every detail of this space is beyond words.

9. Hathaway Residence


Vanguard Studio Inc.

The concaves of the ceiling is really a mark of the Mediterranean and the rustic side of design. The lovely dining room set is like chocolate – it looks yummy!

10. Home on Golf Course


New House Builder

The wine holder on the far end of the table is both decorative and functional. It’s great for storage and below that are drawers for the cutlery.

11. Italian Villa


Gabriel Builders Inc.

The drapes used for his dining area is stunning. It reminds me of the Tuscany sun feeling I saw in one movie I saw before. The color and prints of the drapes match with the plain walls and brown furniture.

12. Newark Dining Room


American Society of Interior Designers

I remember my friend telling me how much she disliked Grandfather clocks, but this one in the photo is stunning because it matched well with the furniture in this space.

13. Portland Maine Living-Dining Area


Knickerbocker Group

This Portland home may have a small space for their living and dining area, but it sure played well for this space. Open concept is one for my favorites.

14. Renovated Tuscan Farm House


Vanni Archive

Did you actually notice the ceiling details? We love it! This is one example of how much effort you can actually add to your ceiling – because honestly, some home owners and designers neglect the ceiling from time to time.

15. San Francisco Dining Room


J. Hettinger Interiors

See the detail on the back of the dining chair? Pretty interesting right? Intricate details were done on the furniture and the portion of choosing the decors was pretty smart in the part of the designer and the client.

16. Silverleaf Dining Room


R.J. Gurley Custom Homes

I like how designers create that rustic aura for your spaces when you actually ask for one. The color combination is common – yellows and browns with a hint of blacks an beige from time to time.

17. Tuscan Farmhouse 4


South Coast Architects

In this dining room, we see the colors used for rustic homes only that the walls were lighter than the yellows which we usually see. The decor above the glass sliding doors sure is one of a kind.

18. Tuscan Reflections


Elle Decor

How do you feel about the rustic chandelier that complements well with the furniture and decor of this beautiful dining space?

19. Tuscan Style Home


Jim Boles Custom Homes, LLC

This is one photo that actually looks like it came from another photo or painting. The colors are beautifully created and mixed with one another.

20. Moonlight Ranch Residence


Locati Architects

Wooden columns that are exposed are charming examples of how to decorate rustic Tuscan spaces. The color of the columns and the beams coincide with the table and the chairs – it’s lovely!

We are sure that you were able to see similarities in the designs, color palette used and decors that usually seen in a Tuscany-inspired space. We have here a list created months ago about Tuscan living rooms that we think is lovely like the spaces we have showed you in this list about Tuscan dining room decorations. More to come in Home Design Lover!