Transforming Life Edited Tiny Apartment of Graham Hill in New York

Small home spaces are challenging to design especially if you have lots of home functions in mind. But these days, you really have to be creative because floor areas for apartments and other spaces are becoming smaller due to the need of more dwelling areas. You might ask how a small house could accommodate an entertainment room, a guest room and other important areas of a house. Well, you will be surprised to see our house feature of the day. This is an apartment owned by Graham Hill, founder of located in New York.

Believe it or not, this tiny Life Edited apartment of 420 square feet has eight rooms complete with all the necessities the homeowner needs. The living room can be converted into a bedroom or sleeping area, dining area and entertainment room. It also has a sliding modular wall closet which holds the computer and other personal belongings of Mr. Hill. Upon sliding this storage area, another room is revealed containing two pull out beds which serves as a guest room. There is also shower area and a comfort room which can be converted into a private room merely by covering the toilet with a wooden seat cover. And of course, a functional kitchen that is complete with all kitchen equipment.

Allow us to show you how this tiny apartment looks like. Aside from the images below, we will also be showing you the video from Graham Hill where he gave us a brief tour to his apartment and showed us how he could transform his space and make it more functional.

Tiny Apartment Living Room

You can see the living room in this image which can be transformed for three different functions. The interior made use of minimal colors in order to make it appear visually wider.

Tiny Apartment Bedroom

Behind the modern sofa is a pull out bed transforming the area into a bedroom. The part with red candle holders which was once a shelf becomes the stand of the bed.

Life Edited Apartment Bedroom

Now this is the bed after Hill pulled it out from the wall. This can be kept during the day.

Cabinets Tiny Apartment

This is just one of storage cabinets in the house. Even the dining chairs are kept inside.

Home Office Graham Hill

This is Hill’s work area or home office. The keyboard and mouse can be kept in the drawer when not in use.

Media Room Tiny Apartment

The wide screen you can see is there for watching movies and other visual stuffs. Hill is pointing to the ceiling to tell us that the speakers were built into it. Opposite the screen are the LCD projector and other multi-media equipment kept on a hanging cabinet.

Modular Shelf Small Apartment

What you can see is the modular wall shelf when slid at the center. Hill is walking towards a private room that serves as a guest room.

Guest Room Apartment Graham Hill

This is the guest room with two pull out beds to accommodate guests who’ll sleep over. Imagine that? In this small apartment, you can still let your friends spend the night with you! The window makes this area look larger.

Dining Kitchen Tiny Apartment

In this image, Hill is taking out the dining table that is hidden in the kitchen.

Dining Area Graham Hill Home

ow this is the expandable dining table that can allow 10 people to dine with Hill.

Casa San Sen Garden 2

This is the kitchen area that has the full functions of an ordinary kitchen. It is complete with a dish washer, induction burner, refrigerator, fridge and others.

Tiny Apartment Kitchen Storage

In this picture, Hill is showing us the induction burner that is hidden in drawer. The rest of the kitchen appliances are also kept in drawers expect for the microwave and convection oven combination.

Tiny Apartment Shower

This is the shower area. It is just a small portion of the apartment but it is separated from the comfort room. Instead of bearing white colors, it made use of green tiles.

We are certain that you will look at this apartment as cool and smart. There are plenty of storage areas here and technology was also used well in it. This home may not be fitted to everyone but for Hill’s lifestyle, it is. Some parts of it can be applied on your own home but some may not be suitable to your needs. Want to see more of this tiny transforming apartment? Check out the video below: