Vacation House on a Parcel of Paradise in Toro Canyon

Believe it or not, there can be a house built in an uninhabited bush land. Yes there is! In Toro Canyon, there is an L-shaped slice prime real estate in Santa Barbara County, where no one is stunned when they see an occasional mountain lion or bear ambling about in the rolling hills. A boxy, modern board-form concrete house in the center of 160 acres now turns a few heads. It covers an area of 4,330 square feet, a home that is newly constructed and designed for leisure and recreation. To vitalize the area, a native landscape is the absolute thing to add that flawlessly unify with the surroundings. Due to its location, wide views of ocean and mountains of Montecito California can be seen from the top.

The Lesher family who are the homeowners took a years-long saga to build on this untouched land. It took them more than four years to get the permit from the county. In condition for that permit they had to install the septic system and it is also a commitment to build a road. The exterior of the home shows brutalist architecture, made of solid concrete. Retractable glass doors open to reveal a “wooden jewel box” of cedar lined walls and ceilings. The designers didn’t want to over decorate the area, which appears to be under-furnished to let the extreme privacy setting and the stunning views take center stage.

mountain view toro canyon I think that this view is better in person. The owners need to negotiate a complicated permitting system to build in the environmentally sensitive area.

courtyard toro canyon The landscape makes the house look more lively and inviting.

rock stairway toro canyon This formal stair leads up to the entry sequence of the house.

entance toro canyon A very inviting place! The courtyard serves as the front entrance and the outdoor living room.

outdoor living room toro canyon The front door frames and reveals views of the Santa Barbara coastline through the courtyard. Making the place wide open to achieve the view the owners wanted to have.

living room toro canyon The rug and the 12-foot sofa really complement each other. The area still achieves a good view to the coastline.

view from living room toro canyon The chairs were originally designed for a Swedish Embassy in 1970’s; the designers discovered the rare pair of thonet bentwood chairs.

kitchen toro canyon Its center is a loft-like space affixed with a European-style open kitchen with a 25-foot glass door that exposes the entire coastine.

chandelier dining area toro canyon Custom-made oversized dining table is surrounded by plywood chairs and adorned with a customized chandelier. For a dramatic effect, flagstone, brick and mortar was turned into a featured wall.

bedroom toro canyon A stripped blanket and a vintage rug add texture and color to this minimal bedroom.

bathroom toro canyon Bathroom has suite spa bath completed with Japanese-style soaking tub and steam shower.

retractable window toro canyon The bedroom has a ceiling-to-floor window, provided with butterfly chair to enjoy an outdoor seating.

outdoor fireplace toro canyon A spacious outdoor living room features a fire place.

rectangular open area toro canyon The 40-foot outdoor space at the center of the home with a fountain is its focal point, which provides not only a pavilion-like atmosphere but also a communal space to host friends and family.

pool area toro canyon A pool that is situated in the hill has a solar shade which was intended to give enough shade for sunlight.

swimming pool toro canyon An ideal spot for swimming during summer.

infinity pool toro canyon The infinity pool replicates how the house was sited so well by the designer.

guest room toro canyon The detached guests’ house has slightly more formal feel that the main house but is still completely relaxing.

sunset view toro canyon Broad windows and retracting doors open the house to its surroundings. The designer sandblasted the wood boards that helped form the concrete to reveal a grain detail.

Toro Canyon House is a modern master piece by