Sustainable Green Approach in the Transformed House in Shatin in Hongkong

Lots of people are very fascinated in owning an old house and make some renovations after. People loved transforming an old house into a more pleasing and attractive one. Some preferred old houses because of their belief that most of the old houses use durable materials. These durable materials certainly will last for more years compare to the other new houses. With an area of 5100 square feet this house named as House in Shatin is completed in the year 2013 in Sha Tin, Hongkong.

According to the designer, the design of this house gave a boundless make over to the structure of an existing 40 year old house. Their main goal is to transform it into a comfortable and to have a modern accommodation and orientation, too. Moreover, the architect successfully divided the two-storey house into a garage, a living room, dining room, a garden, two guest rooms, two guest bathrooms, one helper suite, a master bedroom suite with a spacious walk in closet and a study room. Now let us see the different transformed areas of this old house through the images below.

House in Shatin See the external walls of the house which are rebuilt over an old fashioned style house which preserves it original structure.

Hongkong Aluminum panels are installed to prevent sun heat from entering the house and hence, reducing the use of air conditioners.

Sustainable Green Approach Large solar panels are installed on the roof top to provide a source of natural power to water heaters, lighting and backup batteries.

living room Soft grey sofa blended well with the colorful accessories and modern mirrors in the walls of the interior.

interior design The large and latest entertainment technology is also installed in the living areas to make this area more comfortable.

indoor tree The glass material utilized as the walls in this area effectively allow the client to see the maple tree in the exterior.

tree design The inclusion of nature indoors or an interaction of ecology and living space is created by planting a small maple tree in the center of house.

faucet design The trendy fixtures jive perfectly with the classy and modern concept in the house.

dining chandelier Here are the two round chandeliers that stunningly emphasized the curves and colors of the chairs in this dining table.

dining area Simple but elegant dining set is arranged in this area to allow the client see the other parts of the house.

living room lighting At night the LED light tubes are used to create a time motion-like garage, springing off a hip and surreal effect in the interior.

couch set gray An elegant and relaxing space in the house is well presented in the living space with the vivid lights here.

staircase White themed staircase utilized in the interior presented a more classy and sophisticated look.

bedroom Warm colors and combination of two types of texture may obviously see in the master bedroom.

bathroom glass wall An open and well-ventilated bathroom in this area may surely provide comfort.

bathroom lighting At night the glass materials used as the frame and walls in the bath tub area and shower area ensures transparency and spacious bathroom.

laundry area Here is one of the most important features of the house, the spacious built-in closet in the house that will allow the client to fully manage his clothing.

bookshelf Unique and extraordinary design and shape of this chair complements with the neat and clean library.

office area An office area is also secured in the second level of the house that also displays modern concept.

terrace The client can take the full advantage of the panoramic views outside through this spacious terrace.

exterior design Here is the patio area where the client can fully enjoy the larger space to unwind and feel the fresh air at night.

The Millimeter Interior Design Limited strategically highlighted the sustainable green approach in order to reduce the environmental impact in this house. With the remarkable transformation design of this house, the technology assists in green living system such as the motion sensors are used for the garage gate and lighting. All the lightings in the house are said to be automatically switch off when the homeowners are not in the house. We hope we inspired you as we offer you new ideas and sustainable qualities that you may consider in your own residential house.