Rustic Weathered Steel Exterior of the Summit Haus in Utah

A modern house has a weathered steel exterior that looked very unique and attractive!

Most of the time, concrete or wood are used for the exterior of the house. Sometimes, other materials are utilized like stone or corrugated steel, zinc or even weathered steel for a rustic look. I know you have seen so many beautiful homes already that we have featured here on Home Design Lover and here is another lovely home to add to that. What we will feature today is a modern rustic residence located on a sloped location. The look is totally unique because of the weathered steel exterior it used for the walls. But when you get to the interior, it has white walls and some subtle hint of rustic furniture and decors.

This modern rustic home is located on 230 Parkview Dr, Summit Park, Park City UT. The Summit Haus is considered as one of the most efficient houses in the country. This house is an exploration in design and construction with advanced high performance housing. With the rising demand of sustainable housing, the house was designed considering that and is integrated from the interior to the exterior. Some structures has Carbon emissions that may lead to global warming but this house strives to show that sensible, good design can create spaces adequate for today’s housing demands. Aside from being sustainable, it also adheres to strict standards of the area. As a matter of fact, the house was designed to meet the very rigid Passive House rating system, and is even 90% more efficient than a typical home in the area.

Location: Park City, Utah

Designer: ParkCity Design + Build

Style: Modern Rustic

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: Rusty weathering steel covers the exterior of this modern home on a mountain.

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When I first saw this photo, what caught my attention is that structure that bears the name of the designer. Interesting, right?

ParkCity Design + Build The weathered steel exterior looked nice even with the snow around it. I like the look of this one especially that some parts of the stone were exposed.

Summit Haus Glass windows are used for this modern house that come in various sizes. How the windows were arranged add more style to the exterior.

Summit house architecture Aside from the beautiful exterior design of the house, what I like about this is the natural landscaping around it. Around the steps are large rocks that made it all looks awesome.

deck At the rear part of the house is this wooden deck with a fire pit and seating area. Different designs of furniture were used in this area.

interior design The interior of the house made use of white for the walls and ceiling. Its flooring has gray carpet on it and you can see a fireplace on a corner to give warmth to the space.

living room The living room is graced with a yellow sofa and colorful pillows. It also used red counter height bar stools for the kitchen. I like that patterned throw too.

dining area You can see this dining room from the living area. It has a shaggy rug under the dining set with gray chairs on the sides and brown ones on the other side. The pendant lights has a unique design too.

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Summit house rugs Notice how the interior used area rugs. In the living room, it has a sheepskin rug on top of the rectangular area rug. It is a nice combination, isn’t it? There are some nature-inspired decors everywhere too. The space may appear small but it has everything needed for the home.

gray kitchen This is the kitchen with a beautiful design and layout. What a beautiful view from the mountain alps! I wouldn’t get tired seeing that beauty if this is my kitchen. This space has gray and white color combinations and red island stools.

utah house kitchen Another view of the kitchen with marble countertop and triangular pendant lights above the island. You can see here the modern equipment from the refrigerator to the range. Even the fixtures look modern too.

rustic interior The kitchen is just near the dining and living area because the house has an open layout. It can be easily accessed from everywhere. It would also be easy to prepare food and drinks for guests too and for dinner time. What unites the space is the wooden flooring in the interior.

staircase A wooden staircase is used to access the upper area of the house. It used steel railings that looked nice when paired with the wooden treads and landing. I love it that they retained the texture of the wood for the stairs. It look nice all together! And yes, guess that dog love the staircase too!

summit Utah Haus This is the bedroom of the house that looks so comfy and serene. Its colors just made it appear more appealing despite the neutral hues. The beautiful surroundings can also be seen from the bedroom. Notice that it has four table lamps all in all as the source of light in the space.

steel exterior A black fireplace also sits in the bedroom as a source of warmth while resting and sleeping. It is also a lovely contrast with the white bedding set, white drapes and white lounge chair. I can tell that this is such a relaxing bedroom and very conducive for sleeping or even for playtime! The sheets it used for the bed looks very comfortable!

ParkCity Design + Build did the design of this house which combines modern and rustic style. The exterior looks very interesting already but when you get inside the house, it looks even better with pops of colors and a fusion of designs styles. There are some subtle rustic elements in the interior while modern appliances and equipment are used especially in the kitchen. A combination of wood, glass, and concrete can also be seen in the interior as well. This house is indeed an awesome mix of style that isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also functional and practical for the home owners. Can you tell me what features of this house you love the most?