Fresh and Stylish Fashion of the St. Kilda East House in Australia

Planning is the most essential part of the process in making the design layout of our house. Most of the time we may notice that the designer tend to create a strong integration of the house building design as well as the interior to its garden and this effectively enhance the appearance of the house. Today a house set in the St Kilda, Victoria, Australia is designed to provide a strong relationship with the environment which provides more comfort and charm to its design.

This house is named after its location as the designer called it the St. Kilda East House. According to the landscape designer Fiona Brockhoff, who is also a good friend of the owner, created a casual, family friendly landscape with layered perimeter planting to provide privacy and buffer views to and from surrounding buildings. We can see that the trees are planted in close proximity to the rear east facing windows which provides a layered green outlook and solar protection to finishing. Scroll down the page and see the remarkable areas of the house through the images below.

St Kilda East House Take a look at the texture of the bricks displayed in the exterior of this house that made this more unique.

brick pavement The glazed walls and windows in the house building contradict with the rough texture of the brick walls.

plant lawn Sustainable light that can freely access the interior reduced the electric consumption that the homeowner’s consider as one of the best features in the house.

brick wall glass window Lines and dimensions of the figures of this house building also highlighted its volume and shape as well.

circle window We can never deny that the large glazed windows in this living space provide a strong connection with the garden.

windows seat Opened doors also open the opportunities for the interiors to have an easy access to the sustainable light.

dining area Patterns and texture are very effective to enhance the look of the exterior of the house, right?

entry door Wooden crafts and accessories harmonize with the upholstered sofa and patterned tiles in the floor.

fireplace White and smooth texture of the furniture as well as the floors maintains the comfort and cleanliness concept in this area.

clean room design Here’s the dark brown table in the kitchen that blended well with the light colored floors and other cabinets here.

kitchen counter Traditional and stylish design of the chairs in this dining table set ensures the comfort and fashion in this space.

brick dining area Circles designed in the floor also complements with the rectangular pattern seen in the walls and cabinets.

clean minimal cabinet Dark shades applied in the ceilings also add elegance to this dining space in the interior which jive with the lamp hanged above this dining table.

dining set Flawless textures and appearance of the sink as well as the mirror in this powder area also accentuates the wooden pattern in the cabinets.

bathroom Patterns in the tiles of this bathroom also speak of elegance and modern style and concept.

St Kilda East House Here is the Sketch Plan of the house.

As we can see the different areas of this double fronted Victoria house which offered enough space for a young family, this house project actually opens up the plan to construct layered sightlines to the garden while maintaining a cellular logic of rooms which reminded them of the Victorian period. Its design is especially suited to a family which reorganized the areas to be able to improve the private wing and a public wing. We hope that you find more inspirational ideas on the design and concept of the designer of this St Kilda East House named as Clare Cousins Architectsthat you may also apply in your own house.