The Comforting Zones in the Plywood House II in Sydney, Australia

One of the most important materials that we are usually writing in our list is the plywood. We use it in the walls, floors and ceilings. I believe that this is one of the vital elements in order to achieve a comfortable and contemporary house design. Today we will be sharing to you a house design that take the full advantage of using plywood in its building. This house is named as the Plywood House and built in Sydney, Australia.

Well, let us carefully examine how the designer successfully made use of plywood in the interior and exterior of their house. This house is a new two-storey house and the designer said that the concept of this house is to make use of the elements in the interior. Through the geometrical figures found in the indoor this will place the house away from its neighbours and associate the house to the garden and nature. Let us see more of the amazing details of this house through the images below.

Plywood House Clean and sustainable atmosphere may certainly be experienced even in the front area of the house, right?

Sydney house Australia See how the strips in the windows and screen positively allow the natural light to enter the interior of the second level.

Comforting Zones Wooden elements are religiously utilized in the exterior to keep the comfortable and contemporary theme of this house.

stepping stones As you enter the house, you may carefully witness the different movement of these lines and rough textures that may delight you to explore the other areas.

wood flooring I love the lines and patterns visibly seen in the wooden floor that emphasize the comfort and relaxing space in the interior.

dining area Wow! The designer consistently takes the full advantage and ideas of using the wooden materials in the interior.

kitchen island The two lamps in the kitchen table is perfect to make this area charming and sophisticated.

elevated floors The designer creates geometrical forms in the interior to emphasize the different amazing areas in the house.

wood plank floors High-value and great design furniture is what this living space is made up of to highlight its style.

kitchen dining area From the second level of the house, you may freely take a glimpse of the fashionable kitchen, dining space and the moving patterns in the wooden floor.

living room Geometrical forms of the interior are consistently illustrated from its walls, floors and furniture.

garage area When you open the garage, you may see how the other accessories of the homeowner are neatly arranged.

powder room To achieve a modern bathroom design, the homeowner chooses the wooden theme that may incorporate the trendy fixtures and mirrors.

working area The designer accommodates a certain area in the house to utilize as a library and a working space for the homeowner.

Plywood House In the garden area, we may never deny the crucial role of the trees and plants in maintaining the contentment and comforting place in the house.

With the help of the photographs taken by the designer, Andrew Burges Architects, excellently display and explains the significant role of the plywood in order to achieve the demands of the client and the house concept as well. Natural light is successfully experienced in the interior through the continuous strip of windows and screen in the second level of the house. With that sustainable elements were also added. We hope that once again you may be inspired of the concept and theme utilized to make this Plywood House design possible.