Geometric Architecture of the House in Ashdod

A modern house in Israel boasts its geometric architecture that sets it apart from other houses in the area. For sure, the house is a head turner because of its unique design. It is made up of two storeys wherein the top floor is a private area with family bedrooms. It includes the master bedroom, an intimate family room, three children bedrooms, children’s bathroom, a laundry room with a balcony and a gallery. The ground floor has a unified open space overlooking the yard, and includes a large external kitchen, closed small interior kitchen, dining room and living room. Aside from the two floors, there is a basement that consists of a home office, game hall, home theater and bedroom. Meanwhile, the roof splits into two parts wherein one contains solar panels and the other serves as another outdoor space for gatherings.

The house is designed intelligently considering the path of the sun’s light. Natural light would get into the living room which serves as the sunrise portal and then washes the house to the east wing where the public areas are found and the west wing where there are bedrooms and a family room. Aside from that, the house is also sustainable in the sense that it uses solar panels and water recycling system which is all based in green standards. Now let us look into the House in Ashdod through the images below:

House in Ashdod

You could see the soft lines in the front of the house which creates an inviting lobby.


In the evening, the house reveals more beauty as it is being illuminated indoors and outdoors.

Israel Zahavi Architects

We are not sure what this brown exterior is but we are certain that it looks very appealing and modern.

House in Ashdod

From afar, the house is indeed a unique structure as it used geometric lines for its exterior.

 Pool design

Wooden decking is used for the pool area giving it an added splendor.

 Interior design

We love the glossy elements in the interior from the lighting to the stainless high counter chairs.

 Dining area

You can get a glimpse of the dining and the living room here revealing a spacious path for easier access in the house.

 Second floor

The second floor also used glass in most of its area and it is white too as seen in this image.

 Dining set

The porcelain tiles add more sheen to the interior. Seen here is the dining area that utilized upholstered seats in white.

 Kitchen area

Another look at the dining area which is located in the kitchen. We’d guess this is an eat-in kitchen.

 Living room

Inside the house, you could see the flowing mass of geometric design from the facade.

 Clock furniture

That huge clock on the wall is very lovely! It seems to float in the living area.


Glass railings is used for the second floor giving the homeowners unobstructed view to the lower floor.


It is indeed fun to have a basement like this one with a gaming area and home theater.

House in Ashdod

Floor plan of the ground floor revealing public areas like the living room and pantry.

The house which is designed by Israel Zahavi Architects is built in an area with so many homes. Because of that, there isn’t a lovely view outdoors except for the pool area and its own yard. In the interior, white is the main color in order to give it a light and airy feeling. It also used light colored porcelain granite tiles, which reflect natural light and the glass for the stair rails. This house is indeed beautiful and unique. Its interior looks serene because of its approach using white, gray and silver.