The Futuristic Oikia Panorama Voulas Home in Athens, Greece

Creativity and artistic ideas are usually seen in the house design by different designers and developers. Now we will be showing you the promising features of the house designed in Athens, Greece. It resembles a spaceship or submarine when we explore its interior and as well as its exteriors. Definitely we can see its futuristic style concept. The interior design reflect the place of filming, Hollywood blockbuster. This also includes the contemporary furniture, minimalist palette and round windows that seems like the portholes.

Indeed this contemporary and futuristic house is a great masterpiece of Dimitris Economou. This also mirrors the luxury and minimalist concept as well. With the proper application of colors white, brown, beige and black it comes up effectively as it displays the simple but the latest trends of house design. Now let us check the different spaces of the interior of this Oikia Panorama Voulas images below.

Oikia Panorama Voulas home design

The large windows are effective to allow the spaces in the interior to be seen even at night time.

Futuristic home design

The simple but elegant swimming pool is highlighted in this space where the lights are installed effectively on its sides.

Greece home design

The huge television in front of this white and brown sofa is enough to assure the comfort and stress free space in the house.

Living Room

The round mirror on the other side is capable of showing the panoramic view outside.


The unique and stylish shape of this round glass chair complements with the modern round window as well as the brown carpet set in the floor.

interior deisgn

Looking closely at the round chair makes the interior looks more luxurious.

Dining Room

The arrayed lights and the chandelier above the dining table is very effective to set a romantic mood in the dining area.


Even in the kitchen the designer choose to utilize the most modern equipment that will cater the needs of the client.

black dining set

The wall art in this dining space is giving a unique texture and mood.


Glass material used in the windows in this bedroom gives an easy access for the client to see the exterior.

Shower Area

You may notice that shower area of the bathroom is also spaceship inspired with its curves.

Bedroom entertainment

See how the designer arranges the cabinets and furniture in this area that shows the neatness and cleanliness of the space.


The large bathtub in this bathroom as well as the unique wash basin with the faucet displays a more state-of-the-art concept.

Bathroom mirror lighting

The LED lights installed in the sides of the mirror and the bulb lights above it highlighted the futuristic idea of the designer.

Oikia Panorama Voulas

At night the enchanting lights provides a romantic mood in the pool area.

Hence the round windows underline the idea of spaceship design here. As well as the round glass chair that highlighted the luxuries found in all the living spaces of the house. The other furnishings undeniably brings out the innovative designs and concept. Well the incredible theme of this house is credited to Dimitris Economou as the designer and developer at the same time. With his brilliant ideas and creativity, he has then successfully finished their amazing Oikia Panorama Voulasin Athens, Greece.