The Captivating Mop House in Kuwait

Situated in the heart of Kuwait City is this modern house named Mop House. Here is a two-storey house in Al-Nizha with an exceptional style because of its movement patterns of mops. It has a flexible volume diagonally structured on its central axis. The said axis are twisted upwards to create spaces that are guiding the views in different directions. It redirects to the front side of the house, the side gardens and angles of the back street.

This contemporary house can be accessed from either side of the streets to let a private and a public entrance. Once you enter the main door, the stunning swimming pool will welcome you to see the other beautiful spots in the house. You can see here the patio that corresponds with the living spaces that surrounds it. The said patio also defines the division between the volumes of the house that uncover the enchanting garden.

Moreover, the original plan of this house is only good for one family. It is intended for a small family that consists of two children. But it can be divided into two units in the future. This division will serves as the privacy between the parents and its children. This house is called the Mop House. Now look at the public and private areas of this house below.

Front View

Here is the front view of the exterior part of the house showing the curves that made the house unique.

Mop House

From this area, you will see the astounding swimming pool in the outside.

Living Room

The furniture and the paintings are perfectly set in its respective places.

Dining Room

The round table in this dining room complements the curve of the house.

Kitchen Dining

The plain white color of the tables and chairs in the kitchen emphasize its organization and neatness.

Bedroom Wall

Even the door and walls in this bathroom stress its curved shape.


The free space is revealed in this bedroom.


Look at the flawless curve of this staircase that joins the 2nd floor to its ground floor.

Room Layout

This is the curve layout of the room.

Swimming Pool

The twisted curve of this swimming pool is one of the highlights of this house.


You can truly unwind in this living space found in this patio area.

pool lighting

You will feel the relaxing mood as you see the swimming pool at night.

Mop House

You can spot this upward curve from the exterior of the house.

Top View Night

Certainly, you will be delighted of this view from the rooftop of the house.

Sketch Plan

This is the garage of the house.


In the morning, you will feel the calmness of this house from the outside.

So were you amazed of this surprising Mop House designed by the AGI Architects? These designers were had good reputation and one will really expect a contemporary design like this. These architects have their international studio located in Spain and Kuwait. This house is an extremely simple but has a noticeable design.

The designers were able to attain their goals. They successfully held a functional structure and distributed the rooms in a way that they could freely circulate the free space. They also maintain the privacy of each areas. So are you thinking to use this design in your dream house? Well, why don’t you keep this captivating Mop House in your dream house list?