Amazing Volumes of the Barn Style Malbaie VIII Residence in Quebec, Canada

This isn’t the first time that I saw a barn style home. There are many houses that looked like elegant versions of barns. A barn may be traditional but when modern designers try to work on them, they turn into amazing homes with beautiful exteriors as well interior designs. I can remember that we have featured a barn style home before here on Home Design Lover. Today, we will show you another one. This is located in Quebec, Canada where I could tell have many gorgeous homes!

This home in the region of Charlevoix is called the Malbaie VIII Residence. You will immediately notice that it is fully wrapped in dark gray metal cladding on the sides of the roof while white cedar wood planks are used on the other parts of the exterior. Its design is a modern design of a barn showing three volumetric cuts. In the upper floor are two terraces. The look of the exterior seems like a tree bark was removed to reveal the metal cladding. When you get in the house, you will see that it is even more stunning!

It sure isn’t the usual barn that we can see because this is a modern barn version with an astounding exterior design.

Quebec Canada Who wouldn’t fall in love with the combination of wood and metal for this home?

Malbaie VIII Residence Look at this side of the house which reveals different dramatic volumes.

exterior design For this side, you can see that is is covered with gray metal cladding and varying sizes of windows adding to its beauty.

interior lighting There are large windows in the house that allows a good view of the surrounding and would also let natural light in the interior.

outdoor hot tub Outside the house is this hot tub where the owners can relax under the sky!

gray couch set Wood is also used for the interior of the house paired with glossy ceramic tiles adding sheen to the space.

kitchen area The vaulted ceiling of this part of the house makes it look interesting and adds more visual space to the home.

fireplace There are industrial details in the house like the lighting. This fireplace is another industrial yet modern feature too.

kitchen counter The gray kitchen island has the same color as the exterior of the house. It has matching metal stools too.

dining wooden set The dining area looks simple but I can tell that it is very nice to stay here because of the wooden elements everywhere.

staircase wood Wooden stairs lead to the upper area of the house. I like how it is lighted on the sides.

hallway A hallway showing wood for the interior walls as well as the use of glass for the windows and doors.

bedroom Anyone would doze off when sleeping in a bedroom like this one!

wooden ceiling wall Retaining the texture of wood for the interior is a good way to preserve its natural feel.

media area The media and entertainment area makes me feel like curling up on those bean bags with a popcorn!

guest room Double-decker beds offer enough sleeping areas for the occupants as well as for the guests.

Malbaie VIII Residence And it has a balcony with glass railings. Don’t worry, you are not going to fall!

This design of a reinterpretation of a traditional barn style home is done by MU Architecture and they did an amazing job to this house! I especially like the architecture of the house especially how they used lighting and the kind of materials they used for the house too. Even the interior has a warm and relaxing feel that will allow you to bond with nature as it gives a good view of the surrounding.