The Amiable Hamersley Road Residence in Australia

When we start designing our future house for our family we choose the best features. We have listed several ideas to consider the best features that we can have for our dream house. For sure we will write functionality and flexibility in the top of your list same with my list here as well. Today we will be exploring how this house design proves its functionality and flexibility.

I am talking about the Hamersley Road Residence which is located in Australia. This is recently converted from an early 1900s Australian workers’ cottage into a modern family residence. The owner wished to provide a functional home for his family and considered flexibility as well. They also consider enhancing the existing craftsmanship of the house design. Now let us check how the renovation made this house into something more functional and flexible through the images below.

Hamersley Road Residence Take a glance on how the designer displays the different forms and patterns in the walls and fence of this house.

Australia homes The incredible lights underline the sophisticated details of the house design.

living room See how the designer carefully placed the art works and accessories in its designated places in the interior.

dining area The unique lamps and classy chandeliers are very useful to display the trendy interior.

fireplace Soft and smooth texture of the sofa harmonize with the smooth walls and ceilings while it create a contrast with the brick-wall on the other side.

patio area At night, we can never deny the luxurious and fascinating look of this patio because of the lights installed here.

staircase lighting Lines and textures of the wooden stairs create a flowing and moving mood in the interior.

hallway rag Here is the creative carpet in the middle of the interior that speaks of art and style.

bookshelf Books in these shelves also add modishness and modern look in the living space.

wall art painting Exclusive wall art painting hang in the center of this brick-wall stands out among the other art works in the interior.

window shadow See how the designer effectively adds grace through this wall in the living space.

pattern shades A captivating and charming wall is shown in this small circles patterned wall.

exterior pattern deisgn In the morning, see how the structure of this building enthralls the clients and its guests.

fence design Also the plants in the wall efficiently connect the house to the exterior.

Hamersley Road Residence The lights installed in every corner of the house emphasized the pattern in the wall of this building.

As we have observed in the house design images above, we may see that the designer has made a successful move in renovating and converting this house into a contemporary house. They were able to develop the space of the small site area. In fact the use of pure forms such as courtyard and the box is very effective to make a happy and functional home for the family. The Studio 53 made a difference not just on the house design but indeed on the family’s experience. We hope that we have inspired you today.