Five Little Houses Comprise a Single Home in Denmark

Have seen a house composed of five different buildings? Take a look at this!

We got used to seeing a single house or two houses that are on one location. This is the common thing especially to sites with limited area. But there are some homes that have a larger space which allows them to add more volumes and areas to the house. Yes, you have seen homes that have large floor areas and lot areas but most of them would have one volume for the house while others have two and are connected with each other. It would be queer to see a lot area with five different homes facing one another, right? That is why this house we will feature today is unique in terms of design and style.

A house designed by Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter is comprised of five separate buildings. Each one is a different part of the home and sits of a beautiful but windy summerhouse village located on the northern tip of Sjælland, Denmark. The house is divided into five separate houses that sure are unique, right? Unlike the usual house, this one has various parts located on a separate structure. There is a kitchen building, parents building, children’s building, guest building and utility building- isn’t that amazing? But that’s not all. The houses are laid out in a star shape so it can provide different outdoor spaces where shelter from the wind could always be found. The design of the house has its different ridge and cornice on the same height, while the width and length vary. These roofs have different angles that make a playful composition in relation to the surrounding houses. It has an inner courtyard which is clad with a darker stone on the floor and walls where heat is stored from the day throughout the evening. I know you are already curious on how the house looks like. Scroll down the page and check the images of the house below.

Location: Sjælland, Denmark

Designer: Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: One-storey

Unique feature: Instead of one house, this is comprised of five different houses which includes the kitchen building, parents building, children’s building, guest building and utility building.

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The location of the house is surrounded with bushes and trees providing a refreshing view and aura around the homes. Aside from the central courtyard, kids can run around the green lawn and enjoy the outdoor beauty.

Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter

You can see here that the homes are arranged in a unique manner facing a courtyard. It has a contemporary design with wooden sidings. If I am not mistaken, they used corrugated steel for the exterior too. Also see here is how the house is sunken from the natural ground level.

five houses one home

The house has a beautiful yet simple exterior design. The floor level various in different areas since some are on the ground level, others are above the ground while still others are below the ground. Lighting is indeed one important aspect to bring more beauty to a home.

contemporary house

The center part where the houses face each other was turned into a courtyard with wooden flooring and a beautiful dining set with a shabby chic feel as it used a wooden table and painted metal chairs.

Five Little Houses central area

Every part of the house can be accessed through doors with wooden frames and glass. And you can see that its design is different from a usual house because it doesn’t have eaves for the roof.

Five Little Houses outdoor

All around the house, there are seating areas and balconies because of how they are designed forming a star with a void on the middle. The excess areas were turned into a porch or a balcony!

Five Little Houses kitchen

Skylights can be seen in the different buildings. This illuminates the home and adds warmth to into it. Seen here is the kitchen with white colors all over it. It has an oven too as well as a kitchen sink. Different items are stored on top of the shelf. Tracking lights are added above the shelves.

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Five Little Houses kitchen door

This kitchen has storage spaces everywhere including on the walls where items can be placed on the shelf, hanged on a hook or on other containers. You can see that the kitchen building has direct access to the outdoor space with green lawn.

Five Little Houses dining

The dining area is just next the kitchen area. Notice that the interior used wood from the ceiling to the flooring. White paint is also used everywhere in the house as well. The house has vaulted ceiling to give the house a more spacious feel.

Five Little Houses picture window

Next to the dining area is a huge picture window which provides a good view of the outdoor area. The window’s ledge is decorated with- stones! That came as a surprise but it does compliment with the natural decors in the house including the yellow flowers in a vase. Soft wool is placed on the wooden bench to add a soft feel into it.

Five Little Houses bedroom

This is the bedroom of the house with a double-decker bed made from wood. It has soft white beddings too which made it look neat and beautiful. On the roof is a window that brings light to this bedroom. Notice that it used gray shades which is a good contrast to the rest of the space. And don’t forget about the ladder! It would be exciting to climb up whenever you want to sleep and rest!

Five Little Houses

Before the actual house was constructed, five little houses made from board were created to make a miniature of the house. This way, the designers were able to see and showcase how the house would look like. In this miniature, you can clearly see how skylights were designed to be part of the house as well as how they were arranged like a star.

Five Little Houses floor plan

Wondering how the different areas of the house were distributed? You can see that in this floor plan of the five buildings. The central part has a pentagon shape. Each building can be accessed through doors with glass and wood combination

Amazing, right? Who would think that a home could actually be comprised of different buildings? It actually looks like a school with different buildings inside the campus. But these homes face each other creating a courtyard in the middle. Isn’t it nice? This house is designed by Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter who did an amazing job because we can see that with how the house turned out to be. The design of the exterior and interior are just simple but impressive. Aside from the design, what I like here is how they used wood and integrated natural materials into the house. Also, there are skylights that add more brightness and warmth to the home. Lovely, indeed! How about you, what can you say?