Identical Designs of 4 Courtyard Houses in Switzerland

You would seldom see homes that are designed in the same manner. When you see one, it would either be an apartment or maybe one house that belongs to a village or a housing community where there is the same builder. For today’s house feature, we will show you four courthouses. These houses are built on a hilly area in a modular way. They are “identical in the basic conception but mirrored in the common middle and reacting individually to the particular topographic situation.” The project is called 4 Courtyard Houses located in Zumikon, Switzerland designed by Think Architecture.

The rigid structure is seen in the facades of the houses especially on the roof-landscape which is “an architectural answer to the building regulation regarding sloping roofs and gives the building-ensemble a unique identity.” The exterior of the house particularly on the facade have decorative concrete with clear and dark parts. Grey-cemented concrete with limestone was used to add aesthetic to the house. We invite you to take a peep at the wonderful design of the 4 Courtyard Houses.

Zumikon, Switzerland

White and gray is the color of the exterior with clean modern lines in it.

Think Architecture

Seen here is a pathway that leads to the four houses. From this view, you will not realize that there are actually four separate structures in the area.

4 Courtyard Houses

The landscaping of the house is also modern and it seems to adorn this rectangular pool which also extends the modern design of the house.


This is a center courtyard that has beautiful wooden decking giving the area a calm relaxing aura.< Roof Design

The roof of the houses looks the same as they are plotted on the same layout.

Sliding Door

This glass sliding door opens to an area that belongs to nature but it brings in that beauty indoors.


Adding crisp white sheer drapes would help block direct light from the sun and could also give privacy to the homeowners when night time comes.


The interior of the house gets enough daylight through the skylights which are part of the roof’s design.

Living Room

The yellow area rug in this living area would drive the eyes of any guests to this area no matter how simple it appears.


This is one part of the home’s exterior revealing its use of concrete and limestone.

Landscape Stairs

Iron is used for this stairs that is filled with gravel.

Floor Plan

What you see here are the four houses showing their identical layout.


The roof is also designed in the same manner where you can see squares in it which are actually the skylights.

4 Courtyard Houses

If you are curious how each house looks like on the hilly topology, the elevation will give you the answer.

Think Architecture further defined that “the typology of the courthouse is a reaction to the strict building regulations of the community, which unable a concentration of the living areas. With the chosen structure a high level of quality and privacy in the indoor and outdoor spaces could be achieved. Instead of an individual sprawl of private gardens a generous, common park landscape connects the ensemble with the natural environment of the neighboring forest.” This shows us that this residential project was really done well considering all the factors that could affect it.