The Contemporary Encinos II House in Mexico

In Cumbres de Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa Morelos, México City, Mexico, you will find so many beautiful dwellings and buildings. But there is one residence in the area that would surely capture your attention, this is the Encinos II House. Said house is a contemporary private residence designed by Almazán y Arquitectos Asociados. Its exterior uses sleek lines which gives it a modern touch. But the addition of plants for the exterior and its choice of materials and colors made it appear more contemporary.

Getting inside the house would give you a view that will make you embrace it as your own home. Its interior has a vibrant and warm aura as it mixed natural materials and colorful accessories. The warm ambiance was carried by wood and natural tones while the colorful decorations bring in life and energy to the space. Plants were also placed inside the house adding the touch of nature into it. Scroll down and take a short tour of the Encinos II House in Mexico.

Almazán y Arquitectos Asociados

A contemporary house that has all the beauty one would desire for a home. You can see the lines used in its architecture which contributed much to its modern and contemporary appeal.

Encinos II House

Glass is an important element in this house as it seemingly made it transparent. Aside from beauty, glass also allows natural light to get into the house.

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During the day, the house still stands proud of its beauty. You can see how it looked good with glass and white. The plants in it also made it appear a lot more gorgeous.

Living Room

With wood, white, light gray and red, this living room is perfect especially with the colored artwork on the wall.


Horizontal wood used for the second floor doesn’t just provide privacy but it also adds appeal to the living area below it.


We love how the homeowners brought in some artworks in the house like the ones you see in the wall. Even this plant in the center is a creative addition to the space.


A view of the dining room and living room which both used wooden elements in it.

Dining Room

This wooden dining set suits perfectly in this dining area which also have a wooden flooring.


A media room with exposed beams on the ceiling and wooden cabinet and partition.


Glass is used for the railings of the stairs, just look at how nice it is.


A kitchen in gray with marble countertop. Stainless is also seen in other elements of the kitchen.

Kitchen 2

A kitchen is not complete without modern appliances and equipment.


The red bed covers added a burst of color to this bedroom. You can notice that it also has exposed beams on the ceiling.

Bedroom 1

This bedroom has a similar look with the previous one but this has striped covers in black and white.


Nothing beats a glass enclosure for the shower and a white tub for the bathroom. Plants were also added in this place to give it a lighter feel.


Wood and glass is also used in some areas of the bathroom like what you can see in the vanity.

Encinos II House

An outdoor dining area is located just outside the dining area separated with glass.

This home in the city is surely an attractive sight for by passers and a perfect home for its dwellers. Apart from being beautiful, it could also give them the kind of comfort they need as the elements in the interior and exterior blended well together to come up with a cozy home. We are sure the Almazán y Arquitectos Asociados also kept in mind the needs and likes of the homeowners which greatly contributed in achieving a home as lovely as the Encinos II House.