Amazing Lake Views and Lush Vegetation of the Cedar Park House in Washington

What is really important when you have already chosen the best design for your dream house is the location of the lot area that you have purchased. You need to double check if the design you have chosen is suited to the available location that you have. The location will matter the most in providing advantage and functions of each forms and shape of the house building. With that, we need to know if the house design that we finally decided to use will give us a greater advantage.

Today we will be showing you a spacious home design that successfully takes the full advantage of its location. The client may enjoy the overlooking lake and the lush vegetation in the surroundings. For this improves quality scenic views for home owners. This house is named as Cedar Park House. This takes the advantage of the prospect afforded by a steep location. Let us see more of the promising areas of the house through the images below.

Cedar House From the entrance, the homeowner’s guest may experience the very welcoming details of the elements in the exterior.

Amazing Lake Views We may obviously enjoy the wooden and concrete elements utilized in the exterior of the house together with the landscape.

Lush Vegetation See how these lines and texture well-display in the concrete floors, walls and wooden house building in the garage and pathway.

Washington The steep site location of the house is highlighted from the lines and forms of the edifice.

entry pathway Lines and texture of the house uncover the movement in the exterior of the house.

dining area The fireplace in the side of the sofa enhances the comfort and style of the living space.

kitchen area design Open program of the kitchen may allow the client to enjoy the natural light every morning.

fireplace area Here’s one side of the interior where the collections of books were arranged and displayed in the shelves.

lawn area From the interior, the client may be delighted to witness the calmness of the water in the lake as well as the landscape in the garden.

bedroom Spacious bedroom also speaks of comfort and transparency where the client may sit down and be amazed with the lake views in the morning.

bathroom shower The unique shape of the space intended for the bathroom ensure the comfort and stress free zone in the interior.

patio design In the late afternoon, free and easy access to the patio area may be enjoyed through the large sliding glass door used here.

outdoor design Sustainable light can certainly access the interior during daytime that serves as one of the best features of the house.

terrace Clean and flawless patterns of the wooden materials are utilized in the terrace area of the house.

outdoor view A modern house that shows the importance of the landscape as well as the lush garden is well-explained in the patio area.

Cedar House At night, the vivid lights installed both in the indoor and outdoor ensures the comfort and charm in the house.

As you can see on the different images above, the house areas display the significance of the location in achieving the excellent house design. Well, in fact the house building is completed by the interaction of side-concrete walls. This side-cast concrete wall serves as water-collecting roofs and each of this responds to the exigencies of the location. We can also see how the transparency of the house creates a seamless spatial experience in the interior and the exterior of the house. We hope that we have inspired you to consider the designs of Peter Cohan to creatively design your dream house.