Cresta Residence: A Modern Home with Subtle Luxury in USA

If you are a fan of modern and contemporary home, you will surely love the look of our featured house today. A huge structure of 5,300 square foot called Cresta Residence was designed by Jonathan Segal located in San Diego, California, USA. The architect of the house envisioned it as a solid concrete building with plenty of openings to maximize communication from the indoor to the outdoor space. Like most modern homes, this one also have clean lines in its exterior. In the interior, it adapted a minimalist design.

“Due to the unusually small property in an area with typical properties three to four times the size, every square foot was important. The exterior room was a key element in creating a home that otherwise would have felt small, to feel larger and more private than it is. While this space creates a void, the overall form of the building is kept intact,” these were the idea of the designer for Cresta Residence. Modern comfort and subtle opulence is seen from the house while remaining sustainable in its use of solar panels in the roof and other ingenious systems to supply the overall power needed in the house. Let us now take a look at the residence through the images below:

San Diego, California, USA

In this setting, you can see that the house really stand out because of its beautiful modern design. Take a look at the solar panels on the roof of the house which provides power to it.

Jonathan Segal

From below, the house looks even more stunning with skylights for the courtyard.

Cresta Residence

Glass walls and railings were used to allow light to get into the interior of the house.

Cresta Residence Pool

What we see here is the pool and the landscaping which is also modern in style.

MG Residence Exterior

These lounge chairs are perfect for this outdoor space and would last for long because of its materials.


On one side of the house, you will see these tall concrete walls with some spaces between them.

 Glass Walls

In this shot, you can see the glass walls from the second floor revealing the bedroom and other spaces in it.


The living room is also an open area with minimal furniture and decorations.


Just behind the living room is this dining room on an open space too.


When the homeowners want to get some privacy, curtains can be drawn down. The courtyard below is one perfect place to stay for anyone who needs to relax.


There is indeed ample lighting on the house even for its exterior. The house sure had glass walls everywhere making it appear transparent.


A lounge chair and a long table where one can do unlimited readings while getting a good view of the outdoor scene.


The plants in this area are well chosen since it fits to the look of this modern space.


We are curious of the design of this dining table which looks like tree roots. Take a look at the stairs, so modern isn’t it?

Cresta Residence Landscape

A closer look at the upper and lower portion of the house showing the clean lines in both the interior and exterior.

Like the house feature yesterday, this one is also breathtakingly beautiful. For sure, many of us are fans of modern homes because of how it displays subtle luxury but modern comfort. We also love that Jonathan Segal observed sustainability using solar panels for the home’s power. Even the landscape is well-designed! Well, every corner of the home is stunningly impressive!