Cloud Bay Shack- A Winery and Guest House in One

This four-bedroom guest house is located in Marlborough, New Zealand in replacement of a structure burnt in 2009. Its two towering walls is made from Corten steel lead that has entrances at both ends of the house. The glazed walls of the house face towards the scenic landscape to give a good view of the vineyards along Richmond Ranges. Upon entry, you will be welcomed by the two weathered steel walls that appears like open arms welcoming the guests.

The exterior of the house has rustic touches complementing with is environment. The interior of the house is lined with timber and a series of zigzag panels. These zigzagging panels separate the dining and living areas from the corridor. Cloud Bay Shack is a winery and guest house in one. It was designed and oriented to maximize the environmental benefits of the site from the sunlight and its lovely views of the hills. Let us take a look at the images of the Cloud Bay Shack.

Cloud Bay Shack

The design of the house is indeed unique. It is flat on one side and with hinged louvers and sliding glass walls that can be opened and closed.

entry lighting

A closer look at the steel walls of the house. This is actually the entrance that resembles an arm, welcoming its guests.


A view of the guest house at night. This side of the house is long and rectangular.

indoor lights

You can see the rooms on the second floor with glass walls but one’s view is distracted by the timber screens. On the ground floor, you can see open living spaces.

lawn area

The timber screen can be opened and closed. Whatever you do with it, it still looked great!

Interior design

The living area features a modern customized fireplace. This living room can also be opened if you want an outdoor feel.

Dining area

Capsule looking pendant lights adds an eclectic touch to this dining area. You can see the glass doors opened in this image, turning the area into an outdoor dining place!

long dining set

The dining table could accommodate 16-18 guests. That is indeed a huge number isn’t it?


You can see here the modern fireplace that is suspended between the living room and dining area. You can also see the grey tiles used for the flooring.

wood texture walls

This area is set down by three steps featuring floor to ceiling glazing that opens out to the garden.


Bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the first floor of the house that has screened louvers.


The wooden materials used and its retained wooden look give this house calming aura.

Cloud Bay Shack

The guest house could provide a good view of lush plants, trees and bushes.

Ground Floor

Public areas are located on the ground floor of the house. You can see here the zigzag panels.

Cloud Bay Shack

The bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the first floor.

The project started in 2010 and was finished in 2012 worth $1.4 million. The design of the house is indeed unique. Looking at the exterior might even make you wonder how the inside of the house would look like. But seeing the interior will make you smile for you are assured of comfort inside this guest house. The house was designed by Australian firm Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects in collaboration with local studio Paul Rolfe Architects. It was built to accommodate visitors such as journalists, wine sellers and distributors.