The Clean Modern Exterior of the CH House in Israel

A house built in Tel Aviv, Israel designed by Domb Architects is our featured house for today. Well this house design according to the architects is clear and very limited in terms of architectural elements. Its basic furnish materials were white plaster, iron, and glass. In fact this was an old house which served the family during the times when they were still raising their children. When the time comes that their children need to leave their house, the couple considers this house to be open for their grandchildren as well as their other relatives.

With that, the clients desired to redesign and expand its space and somehow have a modern house. They wanted a house that has no levels and is open with intimate areas for the entire family. However, the client said that it is crucial for them to stay in their neighborhood and at the same time build a house that will satisfy their needs. Now let’s check how the designer help the client achieve their demand considering their neighbors by looking at the images of this simple CH House below.

CH House Front

The white palette used in the building complements with the green trees in the exterior.

CH House Exterior 1

The geometrical volume in this house seems to prove that the designer focuses on the durability and the high quality of materials.

CH House Exterior 2

This displays how the elements of glass, wood and concrete successfully combined in the design of this CH House.

CH House Exterior 3

Proper ventilation may surely be achieved in this area for the sliding glass is always open every morning.

CH House Interior 1

The excellent furniture and accessories are utilized in this space to come up with an elegant and contemporary living room.

CH House Interior 2

The green plants in the table are very effective to display a dining area that is full of life.

CH House Sofa

Here you can see the simple kitchen, dining and sofa designated in its respective space.

CH House Interior 3

Here is one of the best spaces in the house where the client can sit down and unwind after work.

CH House Dining Room 1

Let’s take a closer look at the simple but modern table set with the unique chandelier above it.

CH House Interior 4

Standing in the stairs may give you a chance to take the full advantage of the view in the living space.

CH House Kitchen

Large and white cabinets in this simple kitchen define its cleanliness and modern style.

CH House Bedroom

Using the sliding glass door is a great idea where the client can enjoy the landscape from his bedroom.

CH House Office

This study area may be small but is enough for the client to concentrate and enjoy his work while at home.

CH House Bathroom

The green paintings in the wall of this bathroom made this space close to nature.

CH House Exterior Night 1

At night, the incredible lights installed in the interior and its exterior is enough to highlight its features.

As you can see in the images above, you may surely notice the great advantages of renovating this residential house. The client’s demands were successfully achieved by the Domb Architects. With its spacious living room it can now accommodate large number of guests. The Italian furniture and other accessories used in the interior can really add more art and beauty to the house. Also even if the client requested to renovate and expand the areas of their house, they still choose to preserve its old structure.